"One thing that seems to make for great bathing experiences is people tuning into their environment and caring about the place they find themselves, where we don’t hold back on youthful feelings of pure delight."
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The Outdoor Bath

An outdoor bath, featuring an open-air tub and shower, is simultaneously one of life’s simple pleasures and the ultimate luxury. Here are seven of our favourite styles of outdoor baths.
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"For whatever reason, there’s this instinctive, human side to bathing that’s often overlooked, so it was a really interesting area to meditate on one's relationship to water and bathing for the products designed with GOODLAND."
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The Peace of Pause

Get yourself to a body of water - outside - and let yourself go. I mean, really, let yourself lie there, heavy in the water, arms outspread. Sink for a moment if you need to. Whether hot or cold, water shocks us back into our deepest senses and sensations, letting everything else peel away for a time.
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INTERVIEW - Hamam Magazine

"I met the most interesting people in my life bathing - writers, healers, orthodox rabbis, fellow artists. These people became my tribe."
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