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Our Hot Tub consists of the highest quality and most enduring materials possible: marine grade aluminum and western red cedar. Both are 100% recyclable.

The removable loungers are also crafted from red cedar, infusing the water with a gentle fragrance. Go deeper on our materials.

There are 3 insulating layers for heat retention, making our hot tub more efficient in trapping the warmth of the water. The aluminum shell is wrapped in reflective insulation to stop radiant heat loss and finished with cedar, an excellent thermal insulator.

For additional heat retention, it's easy to add rigid insulation in the void under the tub; and on top of the water underneath the cover (when not in use). See How To Winterize Your Hot Tub for more tips.

A semi-rigid black weather-resistant fabric cover is available for purchase with your hot tub. This cover is designed to keep debris out of the tub. See the cover in use here

The footprint of the hot tub is 91.5" x 37" x 28.5"H (with chimney 95")

The weight with water is ~2445 lbs. The dry weight of the tub is 275 lbs including all components (or 125 lbs with all components and siding removed).

See how to move your tub.

It comfortably accommodates 2 adults, and 2-3 children.

Our hot tub is built in the Prairies, the heart of Canada, from locally-sourced materials, crafted using a combination of computer-aided machinery as well as hand welding & finishing.

Learn more about production in our FAQs Deep Dive.

Yes. Since this tub is much bigger than a standard bathtub, more generous folks fit in it very comfortably. Its all-welded construction is durable for all shapes and sizes.

Max fill is 24"H and min fill is 17"H for the hot tub.


First, confirm the tub water is at the minimum fill line.

Light the fire with a small amount of dry paper and several pieces of thin kindling. As the fire grows, slowly add wood to fill the stovebox. Continually add wood until the hot tub water reaches your desired temperature. Watch the video tutorial to see how simple the process is.

To prolong the life of your stovebox, you can add 1" of sand on the bottom to insulate the aluminum.

Use seasoned (dry) local firewood split into 1-3” dia logs. Please don't burn waste, debris, or construction material. Standard firewood length is suitable (12"-18" long). Learn everything you need to know about the best firewood in our Journal.

On average it takes 90-120 minutes for the GOODLAND hot tub to heat up.

After starting the fire, adding a few pieces of wood frequently keeps the fire burning hotter than over-stuffing the stove. Be sure to stir the tub water often with your paddle as it heats up.

Built from marine-grade aluminum, the stovebox is submerged in the bathing water and is safe to touch. The fire inside the stovebox heats the water directly around it through conduction and convection. Go deeper on how wood stove hot tubs work in our Resources section.

At this time we don't offer other heating options. Please join the mailing list to be the first to know when we release alternate heating solutions. An alternative is to fill the hot tub with a domestic hot water system, just like a bathtub.

Yes—to begin with, it's more environmentally friendly than an electric hot tub which requires considerable amounts of energy and are often not made from eco-friendly materials. We believe wood burning to be the cleanest and most environmentally sustainable way to heat water.

To lessen your strain on the environment when using our hot tub, choose fallen wood for your fire, don't change the water more than you need to, and recycle tub water in your garden. To ensure an efficient, clean burning (no smoke) fire, use the right firewood, clean your firebox out often and allow a growing fire plenty of air.

Go deeper on this topic here: "Eco-Friendly, Natural Hot Tubs."

Our GOODLAND Wood Burning Hot Tub can reach very high temperatures. Average bathing temp is 100-106 °F and depending on the fire duration and intensity it can get much higher than that if desired. If the temperature becomes too hot, simply add cold water.

Water & treatment

It takes around 975 litres of water. Consider it a XXL bathtub.

You may use either type of water depending on your location and preferences. The marine-grade aluminum won't rust and the cedar won't rot.

Our hot tub includes a 20' drain hose and valve which can be positioned on the side that works best for your site. During tub assembly you'll see knockouts on all 4 sides of the base. Remove the knockout on your preferred side to run the drain hose through. Alternatively, the hose can be dropped through a deck or platform if you're placing the hot tub above ground.

Yes! Feel free to use any bathing products during your soak. Depending on the type of bath product, we recommend draining that water after use and cleaning the hot tub to ensure there's no residue.

Our hot tub only takes about 35 minutes to fill, and 10 minutes to drain.

Untreated water (no chemicals) will last for 1-2 weeks of daily use. Refresh and recycle your water after this time. Used tub water is considered 'grey water' and may be recycled depending upon your location and applicable bylaws.

This is also dependant on local water conditions and if the people using the tub have showered first.

Since aluminum is very hygienic, you don't need to treat the water. Our hot tub's water returns to ambient temperature when not in use, which doesn't allow harmful bacteria to thrive as they do in always-warm hot tubs. The use of safer alternatives like bromine or hydrogen peroxide, can prolong the life of your tub water to 3 weeks of daily use.

Assembly & Setup

We deliver almost everywhere! See our shipping & freight page for more details.

Once you have the hot tub in the desired location, the setup time is a quick ~10 minutes. Once you insert the cedar loungers and stovebox, you can start filling your hot tub.

When empty, the hot tub can easily be moved or repositioned at any time by 2 people. If needed, remove the exterior wood slats to lighten the load.

Here is how to move it.

Hot tub setup requires 2-4 people to move it; 1 to assemble.

Our hot tub arrives in a few components which simply anchor to the main tub with pins. The exterior wood planks fit snugly into place around the hot tub.

Watch the assembly video.

Curbside at your residence or business. Learn more on our shipping page.

No, it doesn't require installers! Our hot tub is simple and intuitive to assemble by yourself.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Compared to plastic-lined or wood hot tubs, the GOODLAND tub requires minimal maintenance.

When empty, wipe down the aluminum with a natural cleaner. Lightly scrub the sidewalls and cedar loungers as needed. The stove box should be emptied of ash after each use. The hot tub exterior may be hosed off if needed.

Watch this video for more cleaning instructions.

There are three options for removing any build up of ash in your stove:

  1. Use our Ash Scoop specifically designed to fit the stove box
  2. Use recycled materials like a tin can or a box to remove any ash
  3. When you remove the stove during the process of cleaning your Wood Burning Hot Tub, you can flip it upside down to empty out the ashes

Cedar (and aluminum) both have high resistance to weathering and don't require any treatment. The cedar is unfinished, and will naturally age to a handsome silvery-grey.

Health & Safety

Our hot tub features a heat-resistant lid and chimney stack, though during times of rapid heating these can heat up and will be quite warm to the touch. Please take caution as with any other wood-burning device.

We recommend the chimney stack be a minimum of 10’ away from building or dry vegetation.

Absolutely. Wood is a beautiful natural material and our hot tubs look great on a wooden deck.

This is not recommended, unless there is calculated sufficient air exchange.

Submerged wood-burning stoves are very safe and are often considered to be similar to indoor fireplaces. Please consult with local regulations before using it in a dense area.

It's possible, though we haven't had any in our testing. As this is a wood burning device, the wrong kind of wood, starving the fire of air, or burning paper or waste, may create embers or sparks that may carry.

Yes, use our tub as you would a regular bathtub. We don't recommend overheating the water; keep it comfortable, and consult your practitioner for bathing temperature advice.


Place your hot tub on any type of ground as long as it's near level and has reasonably good drainage. We find concrete, pavers, gravel, wood chips, decking, and grass, to be the best choices.

No, simply run a hose to the hot tub for filling; and ensure the drainage hose has somewhere to drain.


Yes it's a Canadian hot tub—enjoy it in the snow! We've chosen premium materials that are tough, and will last forever.

Our design features 3 insulating layers: aluminum, reflective insulation, and cedar. For more heat retention, add rigid foam in the base of the hot tub and float some on top of the water underneath the cover when not in use.

Here is our video guide to winterizing your hot tub.

Our Wood Burning Hot Tub has been freeze-tested to withstand the coldest winters of the Canadian Arctic without damage. If tub freezes, build a small fire to slowly reheat the water.

Alternatively you can also use an electric tank de-icer to keep the water just above freezing.

We recommend to removing the drain extension hose and using a drain plug in extreme cold climates.

Our hot tub may be used in any weather. In the summer, you may choose to soak in the evenings or not to heat the tub at all. Add cold water to transform it into a plunge pool, or move the tub to a shady location for a cooler soak.


Yes, this hot tub is designed for high use. It's crafted with hardwearing materials that will stand the test of time as well as high traffic locations. The aluminum resists wear, and requires little maintenance.

Certainly having a wood-fired hot tub is a smart way to attract guests with a unique, memorable experience. Apply for our Accommodations Partnership or read more about why GOODLAND Wood Burning Hot Tubs are great for short term rentals in our Resources section.

See the instruction plate video here.

We make it easy by including a user-friendly guide. When you apply for a GOODLAND Accommodation Partnership each tub comes complete with an aluminum how-to instruction plate to attach to the tub. Learn more about our Accommodations Partnership.

Here is the instruction plate in use.


wood burning hot tub


domestically sourced wood from Canada