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Our Materials

All GOODLAND products are built from natural, sustainable, and honest materials. Our chosen palette, derived from the ore of stone and the heart of timber, is hand selected for its enduring properties.

Presented in our products in its raw, unmasked form, we acknowledge the hand of time. We embrace the beautiful patina of aluminum, the salt-air cured silvering of western cedar, the tarnished warmth of raw brass, and slow oxidization of corten steel.

Western Red Cedar

Sustainably harvested in Western Canada and USA, red cedar is a soft yet enduring timber. Favourable for its extreme weather resistance and beautiful grain, the smell of water-soaked cedar subconsciously transports us to nature.

Made in Canada

To Last a Lifetime

cedar hot tub with aluminum shell

Marine Grade Aluminum

A timeless material, aluminum is durable, lightweight, hygienic, and completely weather resistant. Since aluminum is infinitely recyclable, it uses little energy to renew and is considered one of the most sustainable materials available. (Fun fact: Most of the aluminum produced since the late 1880s is still in use.)

Marine-grade aluminum is an alloy with exceptional qualities, and is used in seafaring vessels, automobiles, and high-quality outdoor products. We utilize the 6061 grade of marine aluminum for its excellent corrosion resistance, strength, and workability.





Corten Steel, originally designed for architectural use, naturally resists rain, snow, ice and fog by forming a protective outer layer of oxidization resulting in a rich rust tone.

corten steel


domestically sourced wood from Canada

Solid brass

Never Painted Or Plated

brass sheets

Raw Unlacquered brass

This subtle, living finish gains a unique tarnish as it reacts to natures elements. Each piece of unlacquered brass earns a one-of-a-kind finish as authentic as the alloy itself.