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GOODLAND Design Principles: Creating Tools for Finding Pause

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Each object that we create is the result of countless hours, days, and months of brainstorming, researching, testing, and refining. Rather than simply creating just for the sake of it, we want to make sure that everything we release at GOODLAND is designed with intention, longevity, and purpose in mind.

Through our in-house design studio, we’re able to envision and design products ourselves—giving us the freedom to come up with new ideas and test out different concepts. This also looks like working closely with manufacturing partners to make sure that everything is the highest quality it can be. 

At the core, our vision is for everything we design and create to help you slow down, connect with nature, and connect with yourself. 

product designer testing product
product manufacturing

Considered Design

A meticulous design ethos is at the core of everything that we do. This means thinking deeply about all of the ways that an object will be used—different use cases, weather and climate, wear over time, and more.  This also looks like prioritizing testing to get things just right—and not releasing anything that isn’t the best that it can be.

We aim for each object and tool to be a genuine pleasure to use, and to leave you feeling fulfilled and inspired.

In Practice

Considered design features in each element of everything we make, but take the comfortable cedar loungers in our Wood Burning Hot Tub as an example. While so many wood heated tubs have seating that forces you to sit relatively upright, instead we chose to design ergonomic, lounge-style seating to help you truly relax. We also ensured that the cedar featured curved, hand-sanded edges for a softer and more comfortable experience. 


wood burning hot tub final product

Tools for Pause

We aim for everything that we create to be an opportunity to slow down and find a sense of pause. During the design process, this looks like considering the experience of using the object—how easy, intuitive, and enjoyable is it to use? In every new object or tool that our team creates, we think about opportunities for slowing down and finding pause at every stage. 

Good design looks like creating objects that are genuinely pleasant to use and that inspire a moment of beauty in the everyday—allowing us to get lost in the moment, to tune into our senses, and to slow down. 

In Practice

Take our Everlasting Garden Hose. We chose to include a message along the length of the hose. As you unfurl the hose each time you use it, your eyes naturally wander to the inscription where you’ll find a simple message that inspires pause. 

Or, consider our Wood Burning Hot Tub—beyond simply the soak itself, the entirety of the experience is intended to bring a sense of pause, from the chopping of the wood to listening to the soothing crackle of the fire.

high quality products
handcrafted wood stove

Quality and Craft

Buy good things, keep them for life. We make sure that every object is one where the quality and beauty of the material itself can shine through—creating lasting objects and tools that can be well-loved over time. Everything we create exclusively uses quality, enduring materials that become even more beautiful over time. 

We do extensive research to find the highest quality partners we can, so we can pair durable materials with exceptional workmanship. As a small team with exacting standards, high amounts of effort go into selecting the right process and partner for each object we create.

Designing in a way that’s kinder to the planet is also a high priority for us, and this connects directly to quality materials and construction. Durable objects don’t need to be replaced, and instead can just be used time and time again—minimizing their impact on the planet over time. 

In Practice

Consider marine grade aluminum—a timeless material that features in our Wood Burning Hot Tub, Hand Shower, and more. We chose marine grade aluminum for its supremely durable yet lightweight nature, but it’s also entirely recyclable, making it a more sustainable option than many other metals. 

This also looks like us choosing to manufacture in Canada as much as possible. Our Wood Burning Hot Tubs are made in Winnipeg to exceptional standards, and the close location allows our design team to regularly visit for quality testing. 

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