Everlasting Garden Hose

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The last garden hose you'll ever need. Guaranteed for life, crafted in Canada, and made in thoughtfully curated small batches.

Length 25'

Our small-batch Everlasting Garden Hose is guaranteed to last you a lifetime thanks to our proprietary blend of materials and triple-layer construction. Made in Canada, our ⅝” Everlasting Garden Hose is kink-resistant, UV-resistant, and freeze-resistant.

The Everlasting Garden Hose features a smooth, matte-finish exterior that brings together form and function. Each Everlasting Garden Hose is printed with an inscription that inspires a moment of pause and encourages you to connect with your environment. As you unroll the Patina Green Everlasting Garden Hose, you’ll discover a message written by the GOODLAND team.

Use this heavy-duty garden hose to fill up your Wood Burning Hot Tub, to give your plants some welcome water, to cool off on a warm summer day, or any other activity that connects you with nature..

Our Everlasting Garden Hose is also available in Patina Green and Warm Grey

Aluminum Hose Hanger and Brass Hose Nozzle sold separately.

  • Drinking water safe
  • ⅝” inside diameter
  • Kink-resistant, UV-resistant, Non-marring
  • Made in Canada
  • 0.2 lbs per lineal foot of hose
  • Industrial and agricultural-grade
  • For all season use -13° F to 149° F (-25° C to 65° C)

Designed and made in Canada.

Based out of the west coast of Canada, our in-house design team ideates and prototypes concepts for new products out of our Vancouver design studio, or through partnerships with select artists and designers.

Garden Hose includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty, see Warranty page for more details.

Ready To Ship

Our Everlasting Garden Hose and Brass Hose Nozzle ship FREE to Canada and the US.

We ship worldwide from Canada. For more information on shipping and delivery please visit Shipping & Freight

Our team sought out to create what we couldn’t find—a meticulously-designed garden hose that combined function, durability, and beauty.

When we replenish the Earth, we ultimately replenish ourselves. Any activity that connects you with nature—even something seemingly small as watering your garden—helps us practice pause and encourages a sense of connection with the world around us.

Designed To Last

durable garden hose


Resistant to abrasion and guaranteed to not crack, tear, or burst.


Flexible and crack-resistant, whether in the depths of winter or the heat of summer.

no kink hose


Kink-resistant and easily pops back into shape—keeping the flow of water smooth and steady.

brass garden hose fittings


Precision sealing around our heavy-duty brass fittings ensure end-to-end leak resistance.

Inspired Design

A forest-inspired hue, the Patina Green colourway is inspired by the greenery that surrounds us. A muted, lighter shade allows it to still stand out and stay distinct from the landscape itself.

The Patina Green Everlasting Garden Hose features an inscription written by the GOODLAND team—one that inspires a moment of pause and reminds us of the beauty that a simple shift in perspective can bring.

Built For Forever

3-Layer Construction

1. Seamless PVC Tube
Specifically formulated to resist oils and mild chemicals, and maintain flexibility in cold weather.

2. Woven Reinforcement
Made from ballistics-grade high-tensile spiralled polyester yarn.

3. Matte Finish Exterior
Smooth, non-marring proprietary thermoplastic compound designed to resist abrasion, sunlight, ozone, and cracking.

3-ply garden hose

Technical Specs

  • Phthalate, BPA, and lead-free
  • ⅝” inside diameter
  • Bonded 3-layer construction (PVC, woven mesh, thermoplastic)
  • Tested up to 900 PSI with burst ratio 3:1
  • Working temperature: -13° F to 149° F (-25° C to 65° C)
  • Lead-free, crush-resistant, and corrosion-proof brass fittings
  • Brass ferrules

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common hose lengths are 50-100 ft. The 50 ft. length tends to suit most urban yards while 100 ft. is needed for larger properties. 25 ft is suited to small gardens or patios where the water source is close by. If on occasion you might need a longer hose, consider buying and attaching a shorter length when required. Keep in mind a longer hose isn’t necessarily better: water pressure diminishes as the length and weight of the hose increases. We recommend measuring from the faucet to the farthest spot where you’ll be using your garden hose.

The Everlasting Garden Hose weight varies by the length:

  1. 25 ft - 5.5 lbs or 2.5 kg
  2. 50 ft - 10.7 lbs or 4.85 kg
  3. 100 ft - 21 lbs or 9.53 kg

Yes—you’re able to connect two or more hose sizes so you can customize the length to suit your needs.

Yes, if you're planning to use your garden hose over the winter (such as to fill your hot tub or around your property), it's okay to leave it outdoors. If you don’t plan to use your hose, we recommend draining and storing it to keep it looking great. Learn how to winterize your hose.

Unlike most hoses, our Everlasting Garden Hose is manufactured in Canada and made to withstand very cold temperatures. When using your hose during freezing temperatures, it’s a good idea to detach the hose from the faucet to ensure any trapped water doesn’t freeze

We guarantee that our Everlasting Garden Hose will last under normal residential use. This warranty is related to functionality only and doesn’t cover cosmetic imperfections, misuse, or damages caused by negligence. See the GOODLAND warranty for more details. If you have any issues with your Everlasting Garden Hose, please contact us


We designed our garden hose to be the last one you’ll ever need to buy, with a premium triple-layer construction and heavy duty raw brass fittings.

If you’re still not sure, our 3-foot hose samples allow you to experience the supreme quality in person, before you invest in a full size Everlasting Garden Hose.


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