A Place to Pause: Arro Dunes

Tucked away within Twentynine Palms and minutes away from Joshua Tree National Park, Arro Dunes is a true escape. Having opened just last summer for visitors, the landscape it sits upon is home to lofty tamarisk trees, sand dunes, and mountain views in every direction. Arro Dunes is also home to a GOODLAND Wood Burning Hot Tub — which sits beautifully within the desert landscape.

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How to Enhance Your Bathing Ritual

A bath can be just a bath, or it can be something more. Adding a sense of intention to your bathing experience can help you immerse yourself in the moment and truly feel relaxed. 

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A GOODLAND Guide to Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day, we’re placing the focus on experience-based giving. Whether it’s a mindful activity or an object that encourages a sense of pause, the GOODLAND team has curated a few of our top picks for gifting and experiencing.
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Dreamy Hot Springs Around the World

Soaking in a naturally-occurring hot spring is a singular way to connect with a place. Beyond simply admiring a landscape, you’re directly immersing yourself within it. The planet is dotted with these enclaves carved into the earth by time and nature, that we humans have happened to stumble across for a dreamy soak.

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Look Up

No matter where you live, birds live there, too. Paying attention to the shifts and the cycles of birds around us is a simple way to slow down and find a greater sense of connection with the world around you.
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