Creating rituals, embracing pause and taking a break from life’s hustle, grounding oneself in nature. Thoughtful design that elevates form and function. This is Goodland.


In 2020, when the pandemic would shut things down globally, it forced us - like many others - to pause.

This shift caused us to reflect deeply on how much we valued authentic connections and experiences in our environment, now more than ever.

As builders and designers, the desire to create runs deep in our blood. We began working to develop products that would enhance this new way of life, and the seeds of Goodland began to emerge.


Goodland is a company producing a line of immersive outdoor living products for the cabin, cottage, or home, meant to enrich our experiences and encourage connection to a simpler way of life. Our foundation products will focus on refined details, quality materials, and our engagement, as well as pay a homage to cultural traditions celebrated around the world.

The Goodland brand ethos intersects good design, human connection, and nature. We’re all about enjoying the moment and forgetting the noise. Rewarding ourselves in simple ways and seeking moments to break away from life’s hustle. 

“On Sundays we spend the morning as family, firing and prepping the tub for the soak. The kids are involved, they help gather the wood and stir the water. Every step is part of the experience towards the final reward: soaking in fresh water, without any chemicals, heated with fire using wood we chopped. We lounge in the tub while the chimney puffs and the fire in the stove crackles in the background.”


Our products are designed to be reciprocal—taking a little effort and practice to master. It’s not just about jumping in the tub, but more about the anticipation of ritual.

For example, the wood burning hot tub is not just about the soak (although we guarantee it to be life-changing), but rather the whole process of chopping and stacking the wood, lighting and stoking the fire, stirring the water and adjusting the temperature. Meaningful routines that evoke emotion and ground us in nature, whether alone or together.


The art of enjoying free time is not a culture North Americans are well immersed in. Work and success take priority over relaxation, bonding with each other and connecting to nature.

With considerate design, Goodland inspires meaningful reasons to unplug, pause and immerse ourselves in the natural world. We’re creating moments that allow us to let go of the rat race of everyday life and instead enjoy the simple elements of our environment.

In our world, we measure success on pleasure over productivity. We’re so excited to share it with you.


– C & K