Wood Burning Hot Tub

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Wood fired bathing in a tub creates the most elemental and authentic outdoor bathing experience. 

If you’ve ever soaked in water heated only by wood, you’ll know it's much richer than just the bathing: it's the splitting and stacking of firewood, the methodical stirring and preparation of the water, the sound of the crackling fire, the anticipation of the heat.

These moments of simple pleasure remind us that when life moves half as fast, we notice twice as much.

Crafted in Canada, our Wood Burning Hot Tub is made from durable, 100% recyclable materials including marine grade aluminum and western red cedar as well as oak and raw brass detailing. Thoughtfully designed with sustainability in mind, this soaking tub is suited for both saltwater and freshwater. 

Using just an armful of fallen limbs or brush, our hot tub heats in ~90-120 minutes. Step in, and settle into one of the wood recliners for your soothing soak. It’s just as comfortable for one, as it is for a small family of four.

The Wood Burning Hot Tub does not require professional setup, electrical or plumbing installation. The tub can be moved by 2-3 people and requires minor assembly which takes around 15 minutes (video)

We ship worldwide from Canada, with 0% tax and duties to the USA. The tub is delivered to your curb on a palette not much bigger than the tub itself. For more information on shipping and delivery please visit Shipping & Freight

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Our Happy Customers

+100 five star reviews


Quick, intuitive assembly takes only 10 minutes. Watch Video


No need for harmful, pungent water treatment; nor time-consuming water testing.

Heats in 90 minutes

It takes an armful of lumber to stoke and maintain temperature.

Triple Insulation

Three layers of heat retention make our tub more efficient in trapping the warmth of the water.

Any weather

Our tub is built for every season: Soak amid snow, or take a cold plunge in the summer.


Our wood burning hot tub is easily movable with only 2 people. Watch video.

Canadian Made

All of our products are proudly crafted on Canadian soil.

Low Maintenance

The aluminum sloped bottom and oversized drain make this the easiest, fastest tub to clean. Watch video.


Made from 100% recyclable materials, no fibreglass or plastic.


Submerging oneself in water is nature's purest way of both cleansing and relaxing. The gravity of such an elemental connection allows us to feel secure and free. Hold your breath; and feel weightless in the buoyancy of the water, exhale, and let go of life's daily obligations allowing yourself to sink into the moment and feel the warmth of the water pass over your body.

Outdoor bathing is not just about the ritual of the soaking (although we guarantee it to be life-changing), but rather the whole process of chopping and stacking the wood, lighting and stoking the fire, stirring the water, and adjusting the temperature. The sum of the parts create meaningful routines that evoke emotion and ground us in nature.

The crackle of the fire, the smell of fresh wood first heating then carbonizing into gentle gestures of smoke trailing from the chimney. 

The pursuit of pause is a journey to be savoured: immerse yourself.


Tub Materials: 
Marine grade aluminum, western red cedar; brass and oak details

Tub Size: 
91.5" x 37" x 28.5"H (with chimney 95")

Small family (2 adults + 2 kids)

Filled weight, 2445lbs (empty weight, 125-275lbs)

Water Capacity:
975 litres (260 US gallons)

Heating Time: 
Average ~90-120 minutes

Setup Time:  
10-15 minutes

Fill Time:
~30 minutes

Drain Time:
~15 Minutes

3 layer sidewall

Electrical or Plumbing:
Not required



1. Use stove lid to regulate the airflow into the fire, allowing you to control and maintain the heat source.

2. Burning wood creates energy which heats the water through conduction and convection. Use small diameter (1"-5") seasoned logs to create and sustain a hot fire; heating your tub up in ~90 minutes.

3. The heat exchange pipes allow water to pass through the stove box heating and circulating through your hot tub.


Why Goodland?

Compared to wood heated hot tubs made of non-recyclable fibreglass, leaky solid wood, riveted metal and/or requiring regular maintenance and chemicals, we focused on high-quality form and function. Our Wood Burning Hot Tub is easy to assemble and move to wherever you’d like to enjoy your outdoor soaking experience. With sustainable materials, contemporary lines, and refined details, this outdoor tub provides an uncomplicated sensory bathing experience for a slower, more considered life.

Made in Canada

Crafted with pride, our products are built in Canada with a combination of traditional craftsmanship & state of the art equipment.

Designing and building our products in Canada allows us to maintain an ultra-high quality level, avoid supply chain interruptions, and add value to our local economy.


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