Wood Burning Hot Tub

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Experience a soak like no other. We intentionally designed our Wood Burning Hot Tub to be ultra easy to set up, simple to maintain, and safer to use, so you can spend more time on what matters most—slowing down and finding a moment of pause.

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Natural Cedar
Natural Cedar
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  • • Sets up in 10 minutes
  • • Heats up in just ~90 minutes
  • • Built to last a lifetime
  • • Ships directly to your curb

Crafted with care and consideration in Canada, our Wood Burning Hot Tub is made from enduring, durable, premium materials—marine grade aluminum and western red cedar. Thoughtfully designed with sustainability in mind and 100% recyclable, this insulated soaking tub is suited for hot or cold, saltwater or freshwater. 

Wood fired bathing in a tub creates the most elemental and authentic outdoor bathing experience. If you’ve ever soaked in water heated by wood, you’ll know it’s much richer than just the bathing: it’s the splitting and stacking of the firewood, the methodical stirring of the water, the sound of the crackling fire, the anticipation of the heat. 

Using only an armful of fallen limbs or brush, our hot tub heats in just ~90 minutes. Step into the steaming waters, and settle into one of the cedar wood recliners for your soothing soak. It’s just as comfortable for one as it is for a small family of four.

Dimensions: 91.5" L  x 37"W  x 24" D (tub)
Height with chimney 95" H
Materials: marine grade aluminum, western red cedar; brass and oak details
Capacity: Small family (2 adults, 2 kids)
Weight (empty): 125 lbs aluminum shell only; 275 lbs with cedar slats
Weight (filled): 2445 lbs 
Water Capacity: 210 gallons (800 L)
Heating Time: ~90-120 min. average
Setup Time: 10-15 min.
Fill Time: ~30 min.
Drain Time: ~15 min.
Insulation: 3-layer sidewall
Electrical and plumbing not required

See our FAQs for more details.

Our Wood Burning Hot Tub includes everything you need to use the hot tub right away—less time building means more time soaking. You’ll receive a streamlined package including:

  • Marine-grade aluminum hot tub wrapped in reflective insulation
  • Western red cedar slats preinstalled on tub exterior
  • Stove box with double-insulated lid
  • Chimney with child-safe heat shield
  • Drainage kit
  • Two cedar loungers and floor
  • Cedar stirring paddle
  • Welcome kit with guide and hardware 

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No need to wait for a year to get your hot tub. Order now and receive your GOODLAND Wood Burning Hot Tub in 3-5 weeks.

We ship worldwide from Canada with 0% tax and duties to the USA. If you’re outside North America, please submit an international shipping request. See Shipping & Freight for additional shipping details.


A pallet not much bigger than the tub itself is delivered by truck directly to the curb of your property. The aluminum tub weighs 125 lb when empty and can be carried by 2-4 people to your desired site. If your property is remote, take a look at our off-grid delivery tips.


We’ve designed the assembly of our Wood Burning Hot Tub to be as simple as possible—setup requires no tools and takes only 10 minutes of your time. Our Hot Tub doesn’t require professional help, or electrical or plumbing installation (see for yourself how easy it is). This design only takes 15 minutes to drain, and is equally quick to disassemble with its removable pieces if you’d like to try your tub in a new location.

Setup & Usage Guide PDF

Technical Spec Drawing

Hot Tub FAQs

Unique Considered Design

We’ve carefully considered every aspect of our Wood Burning Hot Tub design to ensure that it’s intuitive to use and easily enriches your life. Our intent is to create an otherworldly soaking experience—one that helps you build moments of pause and connection into your everyday life.

Handcrafted construction and enduring, high-quality materials allow for peace of mind and help make sure your hot tub stands the test of time.


Get peace of mind with considered heat protection, like the insulated stove lid and chimney heat shield.

Low Maintenance

Cleaning is fast with the aluminum’s sloped bottom, oversized drain, and a cloth. Here’s how.

Year-round Use

Soak amid snow or cold plunge in summer with a triple-insulated, all-season hot tub.

Heats in ~90 minutes

Just an armful of firewood is needed for the fire, and the cedar paddle helps mix the water.


A back-to-nature soaking experience, with no chemical treatments or water testing needed.

Sustainability Top of Mind

Feel good about a hot tub made from 100% recyclable materials and that uses less water.

How It Works

putting wood into stove of wood burning hot tub


Using a handful of kindling and some paper, light a small fire in the stove box. Keep lid open to allow airflow.


Once the fire has started, add larger pieces of wood to help it grow. When the water starts to feel warm, stir it with the paddle. 

cedar wood burning hot tub


Stop adding wood and close the lid when water almost reaches your perfect temperature. Your soak is ready for you to sink in.

Submerging yourself in water in the midst of nature is an opportunity to embrace the moment, slow down, and connect with what surrounds you. It immerses you directly in your senses, creating a soothing and restorative experience of pause.

The gravity of such an elemental connection allows us to feel secure and free. Hold your breath, and notice a sense of weightlessness in the buoyancy of the water. Exhale, let go of life's daily obligations as you allow yourself to sink into the moment.





Crafted out of Premium Materials

Our Wood Burning Hot Tub is intentionally designed to stand the test of time. Crafted with care in Canada out of enduring materials and with exceptional attention to detail, you can trust it to not leak or crack. Our all-weather construction and triple-layer insulation allows you to soak in any season, from a hot water soak in the winter to a cold plunge in the summer.

Learn more about marine-grade aluminum and western red cedar.

wood stove hot tub fire

Ready in ~90 Minutes

Compared to other wood fired hot tubs, our design heats up in just 90 minutes. With a smaller footprint than a traditional round hot tub, our aluminum lining and ofuro-inspired shape provides a deep soak with a faster heating time. Like any fire-heated hot tub it takes a little practice, but less water volume combined with a submerged stove box results in more efficient heating.

Learn how wood stove hot tubs work.

GOODLAND hot tub parts

Slow Down, Faster

Lightweight and with a simplified design, the Wood Burning Hot Tub is simple to set up and to move. Delivered to your curb on a pallet not much bigger than the tub itself, just two to three people are needed to move it. With only nine different components and no tools needed, the setup takes 10 minutes—no electrical or plumbing installation needed. No water filters or chemicals are required, and maintenance is minimal compared to traditional hot tubs. The Hot Tub comfortably fits two people, or a small family of four.

Go deeper on the differences in our design.

wood heated hot tub in Joshua Tree

A Ritual to Love

Our Wood Burning Hot Tub is intentionally designed to be intuitive, easy, and enjoyable to use. The process of heating the tub is meant to be rewarding and reciprocal—a multisensory experience that brings you into the moment. As life-changing as the soak is itself, it’s also about the beauty of the ritual: lighting the fire, stirring the water, and bringing the water to your desired temperature. After heating the hot tub, you’ll be rewarded with a therapeutic soak that allows for moments of ease, pause, and connection.

Discover more on the restorative power of rituals.

Our GOODLAND community

wood hot tub - handcrafted in Canada


Crafted with pride in Canada, our Wood Burning Hot Tubs are built with a combination of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art equipment.

Designing and building close to home in Canada helps us maintain an ultra-high level of quality, avoid supply chain interruptions, and add value to our local economy.

Our Wood Burning Hot Tub is intended to be enjoyed all year, whether off-grid in the middle of nature or as a restorative backyard break in the city. We’re designers and builders who strongly believe that considered design helps create moments of connection and pause, encouraging a slower, more considered life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your hot tub will take 3-5 weeks to be delivered curbside to your property in North America. Hard-to-access locations will have a longer timeline—please contact us to discuss logistics. For additional details and international shipping, see the shipping & freight page.

Designed and built in Canada from enduring, weatherproof materials that won’t rot in the rain or crack in the cold, our hot tub is purpose-built for all climates. The tub is triple-layer insulated, and has been freeze-tested to withstand the coldest winters of the Canadian Arctic.

If tub freezes, build a small fire to slowly reheat the water.

Learn more about getting your tub cold-weather ready.

Wood burning stoves work by containing the energy produced by the fire in the stove. The efficiency comes from controlling both the amount of wood and the supply of air to the fire, by opening and closing the lid to the stove.

  • Keep the stove lid open when you start the fire with kindling 
  • Partially close the lid when the fire is established, but you still want more heat from the fire
  • Close the lid when the water temp reaches 90℉ (it’ll gently climb to ~104℉) to limit the fire’s heat 
  • Use kindling to start and gradually add larger diameter wood to the fire, up to 4” wide
  • Plan to use a handful of kindling and two armfuls of firewood, possibly more 

Heat exchange pipes pass water over the fire, helping to heat up and circulate water throughout the tub. Hot and cold water will separate, but stirring with the wooden paddle evens out the temperature.

If the water feels too hot, just add cold water and stir.

A wood fired hot tub's water returns to ambient temperature when not in use, preventing harmful bacteria from thriving like it does in always-hot jacuzzi tubs. The use of safer, non-chemical alternatives like bromine or hydrogen peroxide can prolong the life of your tub water from one to three weeks of daily use. Cover the hot tub and add the rigid end cover to keep debris out of the water. Shower or scrub down before entering the tub to keep the water clean. Lastly, using saltwater is a great option for sensitive skin.

Read our top FAQs or see all FAQs.

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