How to Choose a Garden Hose

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If you have a garden, a good garden hose is a household essential. Maybe you need one to water your plants, clean your car, or even fill up your wood burning hot tub—you’ll need a garden hose to easily do it. Your garden hose is something that you’ll likely use regularly, making it all the more important for it to be durable, well-designed, and a genuine pleasure to use.

Unfortunately, the majority of hoses on the market tend to be designed to be replaced, instead of made to last. A good garden hose should last around 10 years (or, ideally, longer—our GOODLAND Everlasting Garden Hose has a lifetime guarantee). 

durable garden hose

When we created our small batch Everlasting Garden Hose, our team spent months researching and designing to figure out how to create the absolute best garden hose that we could. If you’re in the market for a hose, we’ve put together our research notes—consider this your quick guide to the main points and features you should look out for and keep in mind during your garden hose search.


1. Length

One of the main things you’ll need to know is what length of hose you need. Garden hose length can really vary, from just a few feet long to up to 100-feet long. Maybe you have a specific need for a water hose, and a super short hose will fit the bill. Or, maybe you have an expansive yard, and you’ll need plenty of hose to unroll to reach everywhere you need. Be realistic, but conservative: you don’t want to end up lugging around a heavier hose for your garden than you need. 


2. Diameter

Garden hoses come in a range of diameters, including ¾ inch, inch and ½ inch. Note that these measurements typically have to do with the inner diameter, and a bigger hose will carry more water at once. 

To get a sense of which garden hose diameter is right for you, consider what you’ll be regularly using this watering tool for. Lightweight hoses with a smaller diameter are less efficient, and tend to be better if you’re mainly watering a small garden. If you plan on using a hose for cleaning, sprinklers, etc., consider a wider hose width that can more efficiently get the job done. 

pvc hose - 3 layers

3. Materials

Garden hoses are made from a variety of materials, from cheap vinyl garden hoses to more expensive PVC. But, it’s actually a bit more complicated than this. The chemical formula used in those material compounds can vary from hose to hose. So, even if two hoses are advertised to be made with the same or similar materials (e.g. thermoplastic), they can still be different levels of quality—making it all the more important to look for guarantees or read reviews before you make your purchase. 

Our GOODLAND Everlasting Garden Hose uses a three-layer construction to ensure serious durability. The inner seamless PVC tube is specifically formulated for resistance against oils and mild chemicals, and also helps keep the hose flexible in low temperatures. A mid-layer of ballistics-grade high-tensile spiraled polyester yarn helps to further reinforce the hose. Our outer layer has a smooth matte finish, and is made from a proprietary thermoplastic compound that’s designed to protect against abrasion, sunlight, ozone, cracking, and mild chemicals. The short version? It’s designed to really, really last. 


4. Flexibility

One of the main issues that can come up with garden hoses is kinking. A poor quality garden hose can be more prone to kinks—or sharp bends in the hose that prevent the water from flowing evenly and effectively. When looking for your next garden hose, it’s a good idea to find one that’s flexible and kink-resistant so you can twist and bend it for your outdoor projects without worrying about problems down the line.

Another common issue with garden hoses is that many become less flexible and perform worse in colder temperatures. If you live somewhere where the temperatures get cold, consider investing in a hose that’ll perform well even at chilly temperatures. This is exactly why we designed our small batch Everlasting Garden Hose to ensure the cold Canadian winters—it’s good to use between -25°C (-13°F) and 65°C (149°F).


flexible garden hose

5. Fittings

When picking a garden watering hose, don’t forget about the fittings—having durable fittings and a good quality hose nozzle can help your hose last. Choose brass fittings for a more durable option, compared to typical plastic fittings.

When picking a garden hose nozzle, consider your needs. Some are designed for spraying and misting, while some are designed for a solid, powerful stream of water. Just like the fittings, look for durable metals like brass to help keep your nozzle in good shape. Our GOODLAND Brass Hose Nozzle has a variable spray, and is easily adjustable from a wide 60° soft mist to a satisfyingly-solid stream of water for cleaning.

Make it last

A few simple habits can also help extend the life of your garden hose. Here are a few best practices that we recommend for caring for your garden hose:

  • Wind it up when not in use to help prevent kinks and damage
  • Especially when it’s below freezing outdoors, be sure to empty the water from your hose and store it properly
  • Invest in quality accessories — like a durable hose nozzle, hose hanger, and more

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