Aluminum Wall Mounted Bird Feeder

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Inspired by the power of everyday rituals, the Aluminum Wall Mounted Bird Feeder is a sculptural yet functional object to encourage slowing down.

Built with consideration for sustainability, durability, and beauty, this modern bird feeder mindfully sits at the intersection of art and function. Created in collaboration with Thom Fougere Studio, the Aluminum Wall Mounted Bird Feeder is inspired by the archetypal house shape, with its clean lines that form a subtly beautiful contrast with natural surroundings. A drainage hole helps prevent water or snow buildup, while the sloped roof form helps protect birds and seeds from the natural elements. Easily mount onto a wall, fence, or a post, with just one screw making it simple to install, remove, and clean.

Whether in a city apartment or in the midst of nature, the Wall Mounted Bird Feeder can help you better connect with your local environment. When we take a moment to engage with the birds in our neighbourhood—caring for them by providing some food, watching what they do—it can instill a deeper sense of connection to the world around us. 

  • 7"W x 6"D x 8"H
  • Mount to wall, fence, or post
  • Fasten with one stainless steel screw (two included)
  • Features a weatherproof anodized finish
  • Easily lift off screw to remove for cleaning
  • Drainage hole to prevent water logging

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The Aluminum Wall Mounted Bird Feeder was designed in collaboration with Montreal-based Thom Fougere Studio. Thom Fougere Studio designs furniture and objects that naturally fuse art and function, and that are imbued with thoughtfulness and an honest beauty. Beyond the Wall Mounted Bird Feeder, Fougere has also partnered with GOODLAND to create other pieces intended to create a sense of pause and presence, such as the Hand Shower and the Ash Scoop.