Why We Made This: Aluminum Wall Mounted Bird Feeder

Why We Made This: Aluminum Wall Mounted Bird Feeder

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Watching and feeding birds can be an accessible way to connect with nature no matter where you are. Whether you’re in a city or in the countryside, birds live there, too. 

We were excited to create the Aluminum Wall Mounted Bird Feeder exactly for this reason—to help encourage connections between people and nature. Created in collaboration with Thom Fougere Studio, the Wall Mounted Bird Feeder is a tool that encourages us to slow down and notice the natural world around us. 

small bird feeder
bird feeder metal


Why We Made This

Everything that we create at GOODLAND is intended to help foster our connection with nature, and the Wall Mounted Bird Feeder follows this same mindset. Caring for the birds in your area is a way to connect with your wildlife neighbours in a simple yet meaningful way.

“The Bird Feeder is a tool for interacting with nature,” says designer Thom Fougere. “Similar to a garden, it’s something that you can tend to and watch it flourish throughout the year—all about heightening that relationship with nature and the surrounding ecosystem.”

Many of the other objects and tools at GOODLAND—like our Wood Burning Hot Tub—require more outdoor space. The Wall Mounted Bird Feeder can be easily used in a range of spaces, even in an apartment with a balcony or porch. Mount it onto a wall, fence, or post with just one screw for a simple installation with little space required.


bird feeder design sketch


Our Design Process

We worked with Montreal-based designer Thom Fougere to create the Aluminum Wall Mounted Bird Feeder. Despite being a straightforward object, it took many rounds of testing to create the final version. We’ve been slowly working with Thom to create the bird feeder over the past couple of years, in the background of other projects. 

The Aluminum Wall Mounted Bird Feeder is inspired by the archetypal house shape, with its clean lines that form a subtly beautiful contrast with natural surroundings. “Designing the bird feeder was a delicate balance and required a long iterative process. It had to be both functional and subdued, resilient yet delicate. I wanted to make it seem obvious—as though of course it would take this form,” explains Thom. 

The Bird Feeder is made out of raw aluminum, echoing similar objects at GOODLAND—our Aluminum Ash Scoop, Hand Shower, and more—each also designed by Thom Fougere. 

“The aluminum finish is an honest material that can hold up to the natural elements, while still having a bit of a sparkle to it,” says Thom. “The material also serves as a beacon within the shade of a garden. I liked the idea of it being a simple backdrop for the birds as you watch them, and not shout for attention itself.” 

heavy duty metal bird feeder

A Suggested Ritual with the Wall Mounted Bird Feeder

Opt to begin your day outdoors. Pour a warm mug of coffee or tea, and head outside. Find a spot to sit with your Wall Mounted Bird Feeder within view. As you take your first sips, notice the gentle chorus of birdsong in the air. Watch a few of your neighbourhood birds visit the Wall Mounted Bird Feeder, finding some food before they return to their nests. A simple and meaningful way to begin the day, filled with pause and attention.

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