A Letter from Craig: FW23 Slow Burn

A Letter from Craig: FW23 Slow Burn

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Life’s experiences are often the most rewarding when we have to practice patience. By going at a steady pace, we’re offered the opportunity to embrace the moment, act with intention, and build to the reward in a sustainable way. You’ve heard us say it before—if you move half as fast, you notice twice as much. With this practice in mind, we’re excited to introduce our seasonal theme at GOODLAND for Fall/Winter 23: Slow Burn.

fall winter season at GOODLAND

This season, we’ll be steadily releasing a new collection of tools, objects, and ideas intended for mindful and slow living, inspired by the concept of a Slow Burn. The theme’s purpose is to weave a continuous thread through our marketing, brand, and product development. It is brought together with the introduction of a new brand colour—burnt umber. This deep shade of burgundy is inspired by the radiant heat of a slowly burning ember—that suits the season and pairs well with our signature olive and calming purple.

As we move deeper into the fall and winter, our pace of life and rituals tend to shift. In the summer, we take in heat from the sun above. But as the days gets colder, we need to create our own heat, instead. Self-crafted heat is different than what nature offers—we are the makers of our fire and we can adjust the temperature as needed. We do this best by taking our time, adjusting and readjusting, acting with intention. Think of slowly placing logs on a fire one at a time—patience is important so things don’t get too hot, too fast.

Besides new product releases, you can also expect us to share journal entries, insights, and inspiration guided by the idea of a Slow Burn. 

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We’ve found a lot of inspiration in the idea of a Slow Burn this season, and we hope it inspires you, too. To go at the pace of the season, without haste and always with intention. 

Take your time,

- Craig

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