Eco-Friendly, Natural Hot Tubs: 9 Considerations

In choosing a greener lifestyle, we’re being more conscious of ways to reduce our environmental impact on the planet. When researching the best eco-friendly hot tubs, we contemplated these factors. If you're searching for a more natural hot tub experience, take a look. 
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Wood Stove Hot Tubs—How Do They Work?

Let's peel away the mystique around wood stove hot tubs, and take a look at how they work. You'll see that they're as simple as boiling an extra-large pot of water on a wood stove.
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Hot and Cold Water Therapy—A Restorative Ritual

The “Nordic Cycle”, or hot and cold water therapy, is an enduring restorative ritual that we've fully embraced. We touch upon its history, benefits, and how to practice it at home with the GOODLAND hot tub.
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Finding Inspiration in Ofuro—Japanese Soaking Tubs

Bathing has been an essential part of Japanese culture for centuries, not only for cleansing, but for restorative purposes. A daily soak in a deep ofuro tub is embraced as a soothing ritual for self-reflection and connection.
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Comparing Hot Tub Shell Materials

When researching the right hot tub for your needs, you'll discover that there are several different types of hot tub shells on the market. We did the legwork on the pros and cons of each material. Read this to get the most out of your investment.
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