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What Makes a GOODLAND Wood Burning Hot Tub Different?

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Once you decide that you’d like an outdoor soaking tub in your life, you’ll soon be considering several aspects when researching what options are available.

For the average hot tub buyer there are a lot of factors, from size and heat source, to price and availability. For our potential customers, criteria like sustainability, safety, quality, attention to detail, and manufacturing location are equally important considerations. 

They’re all excellent questions that we’ve gathered and captured right here.

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Considered Design

What does this mean? We believe in meticulous design that considers every detail. This means thinking deeply about how an object will be used—the different situations and conditions users will face. We work to ensure that every GOODLAND object is a genuine pleasure to use and leaves you feeling fulfilled and inspired.

When we use the adjectives “considered” or “thoughtful'' in describing the design of the GOODLAND Wood Burning Hot Tub, we mean responsible design in which every element has been carefully thought out to positively impact human behaviour and participation. For us, it’s also about creating memorable experiences, intuitive products, and a sense of comfort and pause.

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Some of our goals in our wood fired hot tub design included:

  • Create an authentic outdoor bathing experience
  • Provide a product that is intuitive, engaging, and rewarding to use 
  • Allow for a rich sensory experience
  • Contribute to a sustainable lifestyle
  • Encourage pause and connection, with oneself and nature

Wood fired hot tubs embrace the practices of slow living and mindfulness. They encompass concepts like doing less, focussing on the present moment, immersing yourself in nature, finding moments of pause, appreciating simple pleasures, and more. Wherever possible, we sought to enhance or highlight these aspects for the most genuine and rewarding experience.

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Unique Size & Shape

Inspired by the Japanese ofuro soaking tub, the GOODLAND Hot Tub is intentionally streamlined in appearance. 

Our outdoor soaking tub’s smaller footprint requires less water and faster heat-up time than round tubs, is easier to move, less expensive to ship, and fits in the back of an SUV (see our post on “How to Go Off-Grid” for proof) or pickup truck.

The rectangular shape offers depth for a nice deep soak for two—or fits a family with two young kids.

Safety First

Our founders had first-hand experience as owners of a wood fired hot tub along with two young children when they designed the GOODLAND Hot Tub. They knew which safety features could be improved upon, especially to prevent little hands from touching hot surfaces.

Some models of wood fired hot tubs have external heaters sticking out from the side of the hot tub. We sought a submersible stove box tucked into one end of the hot tub. Not only is it less obtrusive and more aesthetically pleasing, it also heats the water more efficiently. 

The stove box’s two-layer lid and wood handle are protective, and the red cedar backrest inside the hot tub acts as a barrier between bathers and the stove wall. Lastly, the perforated chimney guard helps prevent burns by shielding the hot stove pipe.

wood hot tub made in Canada

Canadian Craftsmanship & Premium Materials 

We’re a small ‘slow business’ focussed on creating a beautiful product meant to last a lifetime. It was incredibly important to build an enduring product that wouldn’t end up in the landfill. As a result, the GOODLAND Wood Burning Hot Tub consists of the highest quality and most durable materials possible: marine grade aluminum and western red cedar—both 100% recyclable. 


Canadian crafted hot tub


Hailing from the West Coast of Canada – a temperate rainforest that sees its fair share of snow – we also needed a hot tub suited for all weather. To meet this challenge, we sourced the best materials from local suppliers. And while aluminum and wood are more expensive than man-made materials like fibreglass, their inherent properties make them all the more valuable.  

Our goods are built with a combination of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art equipment. Designed in BC and built in the Prairies, GOODLAND’s products are conceptualized in the tiny office of Union Wood Co, our founder Craig Pearce’s first venture into high-quality, meaningful wood furniture in Vancouver.

Building our products in Canada allows us to maintain a high-grade quality level, avoid supply chain interruptions, and add value to our local economy.  


Simple to Assemble, Use & Maintain

We believe that no one should have to stress over something meant for relaxation. Since we’re also not fans of instruction manuals, we set out to simplify the functionality of the wood fired hot tub from start to finish with the following objectives:

  1. Streamline the number of components 
  2. Make assembly quick and effortless for one person (no tools)
  3. Ensure the hot tub is uncomplicated to ship & receive 
  4. Keep it low maintenance and easy to clean


GOODLAND Wood Burning Hot Tubs arrive at your curb on a pallet not much bigger than the tub itself with four main components: the aluminum tub, stove box, chimney, two cedar seats and base which anchor to the aluminum tub with pins all packed inside.

The setup takes 10-15 minutes by one person and at 125 pounds with all components removed,  you’ll only need two people to move it.

It’s designed to be effortlessly set up anywhere, and assembled in five simple steps—including customizing elements to suit your site location. 

wood stove hot tub


Operating our Wood Burning Hot Tub is straightforward, and managing the fire in a submersible stove is easier and more efficient than an external one. Watch the video tutorial to see how simple the process is, and learn more about how our wood stove works

Stirring the water with the upcycled wood paddle during heat up time is part of the process, helping the water to reach your desired temperature more efficiently.


The qualities of marine grade aluminum keeps the hot tub very low maintenance. It enables you to safely use the same untreated water for several soaks since there’s no mold growth, and minimal effort is needed to clean it. When it does need a wipe down, the sloped floor and oversized drain helps empty it quickly. All the components are easy to remove for cleaning or if you’d like to move the tub.


sustainable hot tub in forest


There is a lot to say about sustainability. Our intent for our wood burning hot tub design from the very beginning is to reduce negative impacts on the environment while improving the well-being of people. We’ve consciously chosen low-impact materials that are recyclable, renewable, non-toxic, and produce a high-quality product with longevity.  

We delve more into this topic in our Journal if you’d like to learn about the eco-friendly, sustainable aspects of the GOODLAND Wood Burning Hot Tub. Please read "The Best Firewood to Burn" for tips on creating a no-smoke or low-smoke fire.

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Why Did We Design This Tub?

We’re bathing and slow living enthusiasts with backgrounds in design and furniture making. We’re proud to create a product that not only looks good, but is intuitive to use and designed to last a lifetime. The tub design will certainly continue to evolve, incorporating feedback from customers and soaking aficionados. 

If you’re still reading at this point (thank you) and have an outstanding question about the GOODLAND Wood Burning Hot Tub, please feel free to contact us—we’d love to hear from you.


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