How to Create a Standout Vacation Rental

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As Airbnb operators and well-traveled vacation rental guests, we’ve learned a great deal about standout vacation rental amenities over the years.

Beyond the aesthetics of the design (i.e. layout, furniture, decor), how do you get a rental property noticed, draw potential customers in, and get them to book their vacation?

These are our three top tips to make your vacation rental jump out:

  1. Provide great photos - Images are the most important selling tools for your property. Hire a professional if you don’t trust your iPhone camera skills, and upload the images that really highlight the best aspects.
  2. Add special amenities - These are beyond-basic amenities that customers will either view as luxurious or superior to other vacation rentals they’re considering. Think premium bedding, wood burning fireplace, hot tub, super-plush towels, beverage fridge, and games & literature collection.
  3. Enhance the outdoor space - Vacation is about relaxation. Not flaking out on a sofa like at home, but spending chill time outside. To reconnect with themselves and with nature, guests prioritize a nice outdoor space to sit and read, have a meal, bird watch, or simply stare at the starry sky. 

Combining these last two tips is where GOODLAND comes in: We offer unique outdoor amenities and products that add value to your vacation rental and drastically increase interest and bookings.

Our Wood Burning Hot Tub was designed with short-term vacation properties in mind. It creates a standout vacation rental by providing a special amenity and an amplified outdoor experience, with minimal owner effort and cost. 

When we searched for the right hot tub for our own property, we knew that we didn’t want to deal with any complications like electrical hook-ups, chemical cleaners, or having to drain a boatload of water each time a guest left. We also wanted to avoid the noisy jets of a jacuzzi-style tub.

Here are other considerations for this standout vacation rental amenity:


  • Wood-fired bathing evokes all the senses with sounds of the crackling fire, scents of split firewood, and soothing warmth of the tub’s water
  • This unique experience creates memorable moments for guests, and encourages sharing with friends & family (i.e. it’s Instagram-worthy)
  • Outdoor bathing inspires self-reflection and peacefulness, attracting guests who prioritize quiet relaxation over partying
  • A smaller outdoor soaking tub is easy to position in a number of spots on your property, from a deck viewpoint to a cozy spot at the forest’s edge
create standout vacation rental


  • No experience necessary - simple-to-use, intuitive design
  • Tub includes permanently mountable instruction plate
  • No hard costs required: no need to run electrical or plumbing; tub fills with a garden hose
  • Works completely off-grid: no wasted energy costs to maintain temperature even when not in use
  • No need to maintain or chemically treat water
  • Easy to clean with hose
  • Eco-friendly: drained tub water can be used in garden or for cleaning
  • Uses small diameter firewood for heating, e.g. small firewood bundles
  • Tub heats up in 1.5 hours, allowing guests to use on their first day
  • Tub can be filled with an on-demand hot water system if preferred
  • Year-round use - most designs of wood fired tubs may be used throughout the winter too
wood fired tub benefits


  • Small footprint - doesn't require a lot of space at only 3' x 8'
  • Holds 2-3 adults or 2 adults with 2 kids
  • Smaller size takes less water
  • Fill with salt or freshwater
  • Use as a cold water plunge tub in hot weather without having to buy an additional system
  • Oversized drain allows rapid draining
  • Fills quickly for each group, cutting turnover time
  • Aluminum interior construction is marine grade, antibacterial, and durable
  • Heat-resistant stove lid and chimney: heat guard prevents inexperienced users from accidental burns
  • Initial tub assembly takes only 15 minutes
  • Easy to move (2 people) & change hot tub’s seasonal location

Learn more about how our wood fired hot tub design differs from other wood hot tubs, how eco-friendly it is, and details on how the hot tub works in the Resources section of our Journal.


  • Guaranteed interest in your property: 100% of potential guests polled would choose a vacation rental with an outdoor bathing amenity over one without
  • Make more rental income: added-value amenities allow you to increase the rental rate by an average of $45 CAD per night, generating an additional income of $9720 annually (based on a 60% occupancy rate)
  • Create heat: attract guests in slower shoulder seasons with a cozy outdoor bath
  • Standard electric hot tubs are far more common than wood-fired hot tubs— draw potential guests away from competing rentals with this unique amenity
  • Appeal to a wider range of guests such as couples and small families who love having outdoor amenities

vacation rental benefits

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