The Trail House on Bowen Island, BC

A Place to Pause: The Trail House

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There’s a new little cabin that we love that’s tucked away on British Columbia’s Bowen Island—The Trail House. And this one is extra special. Newly-opened, this getaway was envisioned by GOODLAND’s founder, Craig, and his wife, Kendra. A beautifully-designed modern cabin in the midst of nature, The Trail House was created to be an opportunity to restore, reset, and find pause within the serene landscape.

Located on the edge of a private forest of lofty firs and hemlocks, and with private ocean views, the cabin is a true refuge. Craig and Kendra’s design expertise is apparent throughout the whole space, from the black cedar-clad exterior to the thoughtful decor and carefully-selected furniture. Of course, you can also find a private GOODLAND Wood Burning Hot Tub at the Trail House, making it even easier to find a sense of relaxation and restoration. 


The Trail House getaway on Bowen Island, BC

What’s the story behind The Trail House?

Ever since we moved to Bowen Island, we’ve been inspired to share the experience and the beauty of this place. We moved from the city to escape the chaotic pace, and we know others want to do the same, or at least have a taste of what slowing down feels like. The Trail House is our answer—a forested escape to slow down and find your own pause.

Bowen Island is a really special place, and one that we wanted to share with others. The island has a long-standing history as a getaway from Vancouver for those looking to rest and relax, from as early as 1902. The island is accessible only by a ferry, so a trip there almost makes you feel like you’re stepping back in time to a simpler era, when life moved more slowly. Every great trip to Bowen Island includes a hike in the coastal forest, a dip in the crystal clear ocean, some great coffee on the dock, and a visit to one of the island’s local cideries. 

historical photo of Bowen Island with vacationers

Can you talk a bit about the design choices you made and why?

So much of both my life and Kendra’s life revolves around design. So, it was important to us that The Trail House reflected our style and felt authentic to who we are. Many of the other guest suites on Bowen Island are made of simple aging cabins or homes and we wanted ours to stand out aesthetically, while also suiting its geographical location. 

The 600 square foot space is bright and airy, with modern and roomy interiors that have touches of luxury, craft, and tradition. Kendra and I are also both avid antique collectors, and the decor features a lot of the unique treasures that we’ve found on our travels. The unique style is reflected not only in the decor, but also throughout the space—from the custom kitchen designed by Union Wood Co to the hand-tiled walk-in shower.

The Trail House kitchen

How did you decide on the placement of the Wood Burning Hot Tub?

Having a Wood Burning Hot Tub was a must for our property. Bathing in nature is such an amazing experience we simply had to share it with guests by giving them their own private tub. We’ve positioned the soaking tub so it is easily accessible from the suite, while also allowing privacy and a glimpse of the ocean and mountains beyond. Nestled against a granite wall it feels out of the way when not in use but only about 15 steps from the front door.

Do you have a dream soaking ritual? We’d love to hear what it looks like. 

This is a tough one. Morning soaks are some of the best, since they set the tone for a relaxing day. Second to that, we love a good happy hour soak. After a day working in the garden, hiking, or doing chores, there's nothing like the anticipation of an outdoor soak to transition from day to night—best enjoyed with a glass of wine.

What would you tell other Airbnb hosts who are thinking about getting their own GOODLAND Hot Tub?

Having the wood fired hot tub has been amazing for our listing. The unique aesthetic of the tub coupled with the experience that it offers is a serious draw, which adds value and makes our property stand out from others nearby. Our cleaners have been able to manage the cleaning quite easily, and almost every guest we’ve had has commented on how the soaking tub was their favorite part of their stay.

By providing the right materials that guests need to soak (like dry seasoned wood, kindling, and paper) our guests have all been able to prep and heat up the eco-friendly hot tub with ease.

wood burning hot tub at The Trail House

Describe a moment of pause at The Trail House. What does it feel like?

Since it’s nested against a forest, one thing that’s special about The Trail House is that it’s quite private. The suite is elevated at 378 feet above sea level, which offers a beautiful view of the ferries and sail boats that travel across Howe Sound. A moment of pause that we love is simply sitting in the hot tub, or just perched on the lounge chairs enjoying the beautiful ocean view. Your forest bathing dreams come true surrounded by ancient firs, as you inhale the scent of the fresh forest air. In the distance, you can hear the caw of the ravens and the bustle of the squirrels in the forest. It’s a perfect moment to really be in nature, and allow yourself to let go and relax. 


Our A Place to Pause series explores our favourite stays and accommodations, each one featuring exceptional design, a connection to nature, and a Wood Burning Hot Tub.

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