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A GOODLAND Holiday Experience Guide

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If you’re planning on choosing gifts for family and friends this year, we invite you to spend time considering what type of gift someone you know could truly *use*. It often takes a bit more effort to think about gifting in a different way, but approaching this time of the year with intention and a sense of slowness can make a meaningful difference. 

Maybe you have a friend who’s a new parent, who could really just appreciate a pot of steaming homemade soup, a tray of lasagna, or a batch of tenderly-baked cookies. Maybe you have a friend who could really use the gift of dedicated time and space, and having a long conversation over dinner is the gift that they would genuinely appreciate the most. 

Slowing down during this busy month to consider what someone might need and appreciate is the kindest act of care and love—and all it requires is a bit of time and attention. 

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A pre-to-post soak bathing journey
Treat someone you care about to a bath that really facilitates savouring the moment. We love using our Bath Kit to curate a next-level bathing journey. Guided by scent and feel, each item in the Bath Kit corresponds to a stage of a soak, creating a bathing experience that’s truly special and designed to soothe. We only have a few left!

Steamy, thermal escapes
Lindsey Bro’s new book, Thermal, is a journey through the power of healing with heat through saunas and hot springs around the world, from Turkey to Alaska. Be transported to a world of steamy soaks and healing waters, plus tips from Lindsey on incorporating micro-versions of these moments into your everyday life at home. 

Get away somewhere cozy
Sitting by a crackling fire sipping tea, watching the snow (or rain) gently fall outside the window, savouring homemade dinners amongst good company… there are few things more memorable than a cabin escape. Gift a getaway to someone you care about. A few favourite spots? Tanglebloom Cabin in Vermont, Doah House in Virginia, and Arro Dunes in California.

A winter movie night and home cooked meal
Treat someone you care about to a thoughtful experience. Choose their favourite movie, or one that you think they’d love. The only thing left? Cook up a big bowl of pasta. If you’re not too sure where to start, we’re pretty sure you can’t go wrong with a classic, like pasta pomodoro (try out this recipe from Matty Matheson).  

Let it all float away
Offer up a float as a respite during the busyness of the holidays. Floating is an opportunity to do nothing—no energy is even needed to stand or sit, as you’re held by the buoyancy of the warm salt water. For Vancouver locals, we love the floats at Halsa, although there’s likely a float near where you live.

Regular moments of pause
Gift a membership to Open—an online mindfulness studio. Created from mindfulness and meditation instructor Manoj Dias, Open offers plenty of sessions on breathwork, yoga, and meditation. We love the Breathe Mixtapes, where breathwork sessions are paired with music. 

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A utilitarian tool 
The satisfying sound of chopping wood, the feel of the smooth hickory handle, the smell of the crisp outdoor air…the GOODLAND Wood Splitting Axe is both a well-made utilitarian tool and an opportunity to tune in to your natural surroundings. Handmade from premium materials, the axe is expertly-crafted and designed to be well-loved and passed down.

An object crafted from your own hands
There are few experiences more meaningful than being gifted something made with someone’s time and care. Consider the impact of a handmade gift—like a winter wreath made with foraged items, a homemade photo album, or a recipe book with hand-written recipes bundled together with ribbon. 

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