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5 Tips for More Sustainable Bathing

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Bathing can be a way of connecting with the earth—feeling the water around you, moving at a slower pace, noticing your breath. But, bathing is also something that impacts the earth, whether that’s through how much water we’re using, the electricity to heat it, or the products that we bring into our experience. 

We’re always considering ways that we can enjoy the ritual of bathing in a way that’s kinder to our planet, and compiled a shortlist of a few of our tips for taking more sustainable soaks. Read on below, and get in touch if you have a good one to add to this list.

sustainable bathing

Go old school

Think about how you can minimize electricity. This is one of the reasons why our Wood Burning Hot Tub is powered by a fire, rather than typical electric hot tubs. 

And even if you’re taking a soak at home, you can minimize how much electricity you’re using (and set the stage) by lighting a few candles in the place of lights. Know that even seemingly small actions like this can add up over time. 

Re-use your water

A steamy soak takes up a lot of water. When you’re going chemical free and using biodegradable products, that also means you can reuse the water. At home, try using it for watering your houseplants or your garden.

In our Wood Burning Hot Tub, you can reuse the water at least 5 times or for up to two weeks—and even more depending on if you’re adding anything to the water. We always suggest a shower to get off any heavy body products like deodorants or perfumes, before settling in for your soak.

DID YOU KNOW? Used tub water is considered “grey water,” and you might even be able to recycle it depending upon where you live and applicable bylaws (check out more Wood Burning Hot Tub FAQs).


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Use products that are kind-to-the-earth

Every drain eventually leads back to our waterways—our oceans, lakes, rivers. Consider using biodegradable products that are kind to the earth, no matter if you’re taking a bath indoors or firing up your GOODLAND Wood Burning Hot Tub. Even soaps or shampoos labeled as natural might still contain harmful chemicals that can impact marine life. 

Or, consider going to the source. Adding fresh herbs—like mint, lemon balm, eucalyptus—in their natural form is a simple way to amplify your soak. Keep things low-waste, and be sure to compost after use. An extra tip: put your herbs in a cotton bag or cheese cloth for easy clean up. 

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Refill it

With bathing typically comes all of the products we use in the bath to amplify our experience—soaps, bath salts, and more. And, this usually comes with plastic. Consider using refillable containers to reduce the amount of plastic that you consume. 

There’s never been a better time to be refill-friendly—you might be surprised that some of your favorite bath products sell refills in compostable containers. Or, take a look to see if there’s a zero-waste shop near you that stocks bulk bath soaps and more for refills. A few of our go-to companies are Bathing Culture and Sangre de Fruta—all of which offer refills.

Less is more

More isn’t always better—consider bathing less. If you’re looking for a moment of pause but want to be mindful of your water usage, know that a hand or foot bath is also an option. Then, make the times that you do take a bath super special. Set the mood, light some candles, put on some music, and really take the time to create an experience for yourself. You might be surprised how different your soak could feel. 

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