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How to Enhance Your Bathing Ritual

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A bath can be just a bath, or it can be something more. Adding a sense of intention to your bathing experience can help you immerse yourself in the moment and truly feel relaxed. 

Whether that’s firing up your Wood Burning Hot Tub or indulging in a soothing soak indoors, a bath is an opportunity to connect yourself to the present moment. Let your worries and thoughts drop away as you sink into your senses and simply be. 

We’ve compiled a shortlist of a few of our favorite tips to create a bathing ritual that taps into all of your senses.


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Consider how you can make your space feel like a sanctuary, whatever that means to you. If you’re soaking in your bathtub, that could be keeping it as minimal and clutter-free as possible, it could be bringing in your favourite colours, it could be bringing in beautiful objects from nature—a stone you found, or perhaps a piece of driftwood from a nearby beach.

If you’re soaking in a Wood-Burning Hot Tub, consider how you position your tub. Think about convenience, but also your view—where will your gaze rest as you soak? 

Beyond the bath itself, part of your bathing ritual could also include a short walk in the neighbourhood to admire the trees that line your block or watching with curiosity the local birds from your window. Taking the time to look at and appreciate your surroundings can help you settle into your senses pre-soak, or ground yourself afterwards. 

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Sink into sound. Your bath could be a moment to really, truly listen without doing anything else. Soak in silence, and perhaps realize that the silence isn’t so silent. Notice the noises around you, whether that’s the wind rustling outdoors, the sound of the water itself as you step into your bath, the sound of your breath as you inhale and exhale. 

Having music to guide you can also deepen your experience. A speaker, carefully positioned so that won’t get wet, is a way to bring in sound into your experience without having your phone nearby. 

Try giving a listen to GOODLAND’s playlist Soak, curated by Evan Tetreault—or the Presoak playlist. For something more ambient, consider nature sounds. Whether you’re already outdoors and that’s the sounds of nature around you, or a soothing playlist of crashing waves, find something you feel connected to. 


If you choose to sip on something during your bath, truly savour it. And no matter what drink you pick, always have a cold glass of ice water on-hand to stay hydrated as you soak.

Bring in the element of taste to your bathing ritual beyond simply the soak itself. Maybe your ritual is enjoying a delicious dinner before your bath, or maybe afterwards you relax with a mug of hot cocoa. Considering the before and after of the soak itself can help create a holistic experience that's truly satisfying.


While you’re in the bath, really feel yourself in the water. Notice the feeling on your skin as you step into the steamy tub, the warmth of the water, the steam in the air. 

Consciously be aware of touch throughout your bathing ritual—build in dry brushing or a stretch session pre-soak. During your bath, use a mindful object like our Hand Shower and feel the soft stream of water against your skin. Post-soak, notice the texture and weight of your towels and linens, and their comforting embrace.

When you’re submerged in warm waters, there’s also something special about the feeling of the cold on your skin. Try to bring in the feeling of refreshingly cold air from a window (or outdoors if you’re soaking in a hot tub). Or, consider having your Hand Shower nearby in a cold bucket of water to cool yourself.


Which scents you’re drawn to? Perhaps it’s something classic and soothing like fresh lavender, or something bright like citrus. Essential oils and bath salts are a wonderful way to incorporate scent into your bathing ritual, but consider other ways, too. 

Hang eucalyptus from your shower head and let the scent fill the air, or sprinkle petals into your bath to infuse the water. Introduce hinoki (Japanese cedar) through a hinoki bath mat or a hinoki bath stool to add a fresh, natural scent to your bathing space. If you’re using a wood burning hot tub, inhale the scent of the western red cedar and the smokey fire as you consider your connection to nature and how the planet provides.

Alternatively, opt for a fragrance-free soak. We’re so often surrounded by fragrances throughout the day. Perhaps your bathing ritual is a time to simplify, and simply be.

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