Introducing: Our FW23 Catalogue

Introducing: Our FW23 Catalogue

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Today, we’re excited to share with you the first drop in our Fall/Winter 23 catalogue.

We took inspiration from our seasonal theme of a slow burn and controlling the heat to design and develop each of these products.

two person hot tub

First, we're introducing the Floating Thermometer: an object that we began working on when we couldn’t source a quality, well-designed, and floatable thermometer. Each element of the bathing experience —even the most functional—should be thoughtfully-made and beautiful. We wanted to create a made-to-last thermometer, designed with aesthetics in mind. One that would be taken care of, rather than simply break and be discarded.

Our minimalist floating thermometer is designed for use in your Wood Burning Hot Tub, a pool, or even to bring along to the ocean. Made out of marine grade aluminum and with an anodized finish, the Floating Thermometer will gracefully age as it reacts to the natural elements.

hot tub thermometers
floating thermometer for hot tub or pool
We’re also launching our Cedar Bath Tray, an object we’ve wanted to share for quite some time. Made entirely in Canada out of western red cedar, this bath tray is adjustable to any freestanding tub by using the raw brass knob.
The Cedar Bath Tray is a home for your book, a glass of water, or any item you want to have on-hand as you soak. With the idea of a slow burn and controlling the heat in mind, the Cedar Bath Tray can also be used as a convenient seat for a break from hot waters. 


For FW23, we’re also making a couple of additions to our apparel line. Our new Unwind Hoodie is a cozy mid-weight hooded sweatshirt to add warmth on cool days, while our Go Easy Tee is a classic and minimal everyday t-shirt. Each one is made from ultra soft premium materials, and designed for easy, daily wear.

hoodie in organic cotton

For this catalogue, we’ve also released our Oversized Bath Towel in our new burnt umber.

oversized bath towel
bath towel by GOODLAND

A second drop of objects and tools to help you pause will arrive in early 2024—stay tuned.

We hope you love this collection, and that it inspires you to go slow and steady.

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