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Deep Dive: Everlasting Garden Hose

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Bringing together genuine function and form, and designed to be the last garden hose you ever need to buy.

We’ve recently launched our Everlasting Garden Hose in a new colourway: Warm Grey. A testament to timeless design and enduring functionality, this soft hue is inspired by the work of artist David Umemoto, who creates molded sculptural pieces out of concrete.

This new colourway brings to mind sun-warmed concrete, reminding us of the intersection between the built environment and nature.


100 foot garden hose
Photo Credit: Luis Valdizon

Why We Made This

The bathing experience doesn’t begin the moment that you step into the Wood Burning Hot Tub. It begins much sooner—when you turn on the tap to fill up your hot tub with water. And, even this simple step should allow for a moment of pause and considered design. 

When researching potential options for garden hoses, our team struggled to find one that met our standards for exceptional quality and beautiful design. Unable to source a garden hose that considered both form as well as function, our team sought out to design and create our own.

The result is our Everlasting Garden Hose. Designed to be used in all weather, without kinking or cracking. It’s also non-toxic and drinking water safe—making it perfect for use in the garden and for bathing. Made in Canada and exceptionally good quality, we created this to be the last garden hose you’ll need to buy, and to stand up over a lifetime of use.

garden hose brass fittings
garden hoses in 100 ft, 50 ft, 25 ft
Photo Credit: Luis Valdizon

Our Design Process

To design a garden hose that fit all of our parameters—to be made from extremely high quality materials, to hold up in different conditions, and to be designed with aesthetics in mind—we had to be deeply intentional about our construction. This involved intensive research to determine the best combination of materials, and testing for durability, water flow, kink-resistance, and abrasion. 

Our design team opted for a bonded three layer construction for ultimate durability and flexibility. The interior of the Everlasting Garden Hose is a seamless PVC tube, specifically formulated to resist oils and mild chemicals, stays flexible even when temperatures drop below freezing, and is tested for use down to -25° F. A second layer of woven reinforcement provides exceptional durability, and ours is made from high-tensile spiraled polyester yarn. 

Finally, the matte finish exterior features a smooth, non-marring proprietary thermoplastic compound that’s been specifically designed to resist abrasion, sunlight, ozone, and cracking. The Everlasting Garden Hose has solid brass fittings, both for durability and to stay consistent with our other accessories featuring raw brass. 

 100 foot hose

Photo Credit: Luis Valdizon

"A good garden hose goes beyond even using the right material, though. Through our research, we found that many garden hoses will claim to be the same material, but the quality and composition of that material can greatly range," explains our Design Director Ryan Boechler. 

Beyond the material and construction, our design team also placed a heavy emphasis on the aesthetic design. We chose to add an inscription along the length of the garden hose, as an opportunity for a moment of pause. Each colourway features a different message to read and consider as you unroll the garden hose. 

Our Warm Grey Everlasting Garden Hose features an inscription inspired by both brutalist architecture and the work of artist David Umemoto, as written by writer and editor Ben Dreith. The message speaks to nature’s power to renew and reclaim over time, speaking to the cycles and time. 

garden hose spray nozzle
watering hose in coil

 Photo Credit: Britney Gill


A Suggested Ritual with the Everlasting Garden Hose

Begin your morning outdoors. Inhale the fresh air, as you gently unroll your garden hose. As you read the words inscribed on the hose itself, consider them as a tool for contemplation. With a twist of the tap, give your plants some water. Notice the sound of the running water, and how it can bring a sense of peace. As you water your plants, see it for what it really is: not a chore, but an act of care.

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