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Why We Made This: Cedar Bath Tray

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Our Cedar Bath Tray is a minimally designed and functional complement to your bathing experience. The perfect accessory for a soothing and easeful soak, our bath tray allows you to have what you need at hand—a cool drink to balance the heat, your favourite book, a softly-glowing candle.

Our seasonal theme for this collection is all about a slow burn and controlling the heat. With that in mind, our Cedar Bath Tray can be also used as a seat for a break from the steaming waters, helping you to pace yourself and go slow.

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Why We Made This

A bath tray is a natural addition to the bathing experience and simple way to immerse yourself further in your soak. We also wanted to create an object that would complement any bathing experience, whether it was in a Wood Burning Hot Tub or simply in an indoor bathtub in an apartment or house. 

After doing some research, we found that many bath trays were made out of tropical, imported wood. We wanted to design a bath tray made from a wood that’s closer to home—western red cedar. We also wanted to create an object with a beautiful and minimal design, yet with strong functionality. 

Our Cedar Bath Tray is meant to be a much-loved accessory to complement your bathing experience—one that’s kept and used for years to come.

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Our Design Process

Made by hand in Vancouver, BC, our designers chose to use western red cedar—the same wood that we use as the siding in our Wood Burning Hot Tub. With an inherent beauty, western red cedar is also sustainably-harvested and resistant to rot and decay. A natural material, it will beautifully weather into a soft silver shade as it ages, showing the gentle hand of time. 

While designing the bath tray, we wanted to make sure that it was adjustable, so it could be fitted to tubs of different widths. With a thoughtful textured brass knob, you can change the length of the runners—allowing it to easily fit most bathtubs. 

Subtle details show the thoughtful design process, including the sawtooth plate inspired by the form of an ocean wave, with a hidden message to inspire pause. These tiny additions exemplify the intention and care placed into even the smallest aspects of the design. 


handcrafted wood
cedar bath tray design

A Suggested Ritual with the Cedar Bath Tray

Get into your senses. As you heat up your Wood Burning Hot Tub or bathtub, notice how the steam from the water releases the scent of the western red cedar. As you soak, let the subtle and fresh aroma help you connect with nature. Notice how it feels as you inhale the warm, cedar-scented air. Notice how it feels as you exhale, and let go just a little bit deeper.

Natural materials can be a bridge for connecting with nature, encouraging us to appreciate the world around us and bringing us further into the present moment.


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adjustable tray for hot tub

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