Soaking Accessories


Submerging oneself in water is natures' purest way of both cleansing and relaxing.  The gravity of such an elemental connection allows us to feel secure and free. Hold your breath; and feel weightless in the buoyancy of the water, exhale and let go of life's daily obligations allowing yourself to sink into the moment and feel the warmth of the water pass over your body.

Outdoor bathing is not just about the ritual of the soaking (although we guarantee it to be life-changing), but rather the whole process of chopping and stacking the wood, lighting and stoking the fire, stirring the water and adjusting the temperature. The sum of the parts create meaningful routines that evoke emotion and ground us in nature.

The crackle of the fire, the smell of fresh wood first heating then carbonizing into gentle gestures of smoke trailing from the chimney.  The pursuit of pause is a journey to be savoured, immerse yourself.

"Taking a bath properly requires being able to guiltlessly linger, hang out, and/or do nothing whatsoever." - Leonard Koren (Undesigning the Bath, 1996)


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