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Water Astrology

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It’s no secret that we love a good soak. But really, we’re always drawn to water in any form. Whether it’s a plunge in our Wood Burning Hot Tub, a dip in the ocean, or simply admiring a nearby lake or stream, water is one of our favourite ways to connect with the elements and the nature around us. 

We’re digging into our muse by dreaming up a form of water for each astrological sign. Read on to find out yours, and a micro moment of pause to go along with it.

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Capricorn / Glacier

Sturdy and lofty, your presence is like a glacier. Glaciers move slowly yet surely—the same persistence, consistency and impressive discipline that you apply to your life and your tasks. 

Activity: Slow and steady is your regular pace, but try going even slower by taking a moment to stop. Try this from somewhere familiar—maybe the path you walk every day to work, the table where you sit and have breakfast—what new things can you notice?

Aquarius / A glass of water

Water heals us, cleanses us, and reveals. Aquarius, the water bearer, brings a refreshing, renewing, and future-focused energy. 

Activity: Pour yourself some water in anything but a cup. Use a bowl, a shell, a vase, whatever you want. Take a sip, and really savour it. Notice how different something so similar can be. 

Pisces / Mist

Mist is sensitive to its surroundings—yet has a gentle presence. Like mist, you move through life adapting to what’s around you, deeply connected and in tune to your environment.

Activity: Visit your nearest body of water. Maybe this is a lake, the ocean, a puddle on the street. Notice where its borders blur, and how it is connected to its surroundings yet, in itself, still whole. 

Aries / Waterfall

Rushing, rapid, passionate. A waterfall stands on its own, independent and full of life, a destination to seek out.

Activity: Next time you take a shower, tune into the power of the water. Adjust the pressure and temperature and experience how things shift, and how you respond.

Taurus / Lake

Solid and sturdy. Taurus is dependable and grounded, and comfortable in its own environment. A lake is the same—still, stable, and a world unto itself.

Activity: Let yourself sink into the comfort and security of a warm body of water, like a bath or a soak for your hands and feet. Hold the water between your palms and feel the soothing connection to this natural element. 

Gemini / Clouds

Ever-changing, perfectly fluffy clouds floating through the sky. Even when you think the clouds follow a predictable pattern, they shift and transform, reminding you that beauty is not a rigid form.

Activity: Gaze at the clouds above. Notice how they drift and change, merging into one another as their misty water particles collide with an almost unperceivable gentleness. What you’re witnessing is only their current state, their journey is forever shifting.

water astrology - Cancer

Cancer / Gentle rain

Soothing, comforting, and nurturing, softly falling rain helps us clear out the old, so we have space for the new.

Activity: The next time you see oncoming rain clouds on the horizon, consider stepping outside to touch the small drops as they start to fall from the sky. Let them clear any heavy emotions and bring a lightness to your headspace. The same can be done with a gentle stream of water with our Hand Shower.

Leo / Wave

Present and hypnotic, it’s hard to stop watching the passion of a crashing wave. A wave asks us (not so subtly) for our attention, and doesn’t worry about not being enough—every form is commanding in its own way.

Activity: Offer yourself some appreciation and attention, not dependant on an audience or external gaze. Treat yourself with your favourite soap or bath product (we love the Mind & Body Wash from Bathing Culture).

Virgo / Bay

Organized and resourceful, a wide open bay is a home to many things, with boats docking and moving in an organized dance. All is accomplished humbly and thoughtfully.

Activity: With all that you do for others, offer yourself some well-deserved rest. Carve out some time for a restorative bath, and try listening to this guided experience from Sefari as you soak.

Libra / River

Envision a peaceful, sparkling river, lined with smooth rocks, with water flowing below a bridge. Harmonious, orderly, and in effortless balance.

Activity: Bring yourself into balance with two opposites—hot and cold. Alternate between hot and cold water, whether that’s in your shower at home or somewhere special, like AIKA in Squamish (a team favourite).

water astrology - scorpio

Scorpio / Ocean

Changing, complex, impressive. The ocean holds a powerful presence with mysterious depths, yet also has the ability to soften and to hold.

Activity: Next time you feel the need to define yourself, envision a deep sea in all of its complexity. Like the ocean, let thoughts and emotions flow through you like currents beneath a surface.

Sagittarius / Thunderstorm

Transient and full of power and vibrancy, a thunderstorm has the ability to cleanse, change, and shift. 

Activity: The next time that it rains, pours, or there’s a thunderstorm, try sitting by your window and watching. Notice its power and energy, but also how it leaves as quickly as it arrives.

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