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Why We Made This: Floating Thermometer

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We’re excited to share with you a deep dive for our Floating Thermometer.

With a minimal and thoughtful design, we made the thermometer to be a helpful and beautiful addition for the Wood Burning Hot Tub—or for any body of water. 

floating thermometer for tub
water thermometers - 2 colors

Why We Made This

A thermometer is a core accessory for our Wood Burning Hot Tub, telling us the temperature of the water as it heats and letting us know when it’s just right to step in. 

Our team was originally just looking to source a good quality thermometer to use, but we couldn’t find a thermometer that fit our criteria—made with durable materials and not out of plastic, able to float in any body of water, and designed with aesthetics in mind. 

Since we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we decided to design a thermometer ourselves. Even something as functional and seemingly simple as a thermometer deserves to be designed with care and attention. What’s more, beautiful and quality goods encourage us to take care of them for years to come—keeping them working and out of the landfill. Well-made and well-designed objects is better for people and better for our planet.

Our Design Process

When we decided to make our Floating Thermometer, the GOODLAND design team went to work researching, designing, and prototyping different options. Our goal was to create something that would be truly functional and with a subtle beauty. 

Even something as seemingly straightforward as a thermometer takes rounds of testing and considerations to get it *just* right—making sure it would float properly, be truly durable, provide accurate temperature readings, and all with a unique and minimal form.

We wanted to use lasting materials to make the thermometer something that could be used for years and years to come. We chose to use marine grade aluminum, a durable and lightweight material. Aluminum is also infinitely recyclable, making it a more sustainable option.

water temperature thermometer - aluminum case
floating thermometer materials

We’ll be releasing the Floating Thermometer in two finishes: natural aluminum and burnt umber. The natural aluminum showcases the inherent beauty of the material, and will also easily match the aluminum used in our Wood Burning Hot Tub. 

The burnt umber finish is a darker, calming colour, reminding us of a soothing, slow-burning flame. Umber is also one of oldest pigments used in human history, and we were drawn to continue the longstanding tradition of using this shade in art and design. 

Both finishes will gracefully shift in tone as they age and react to the natural elements. Materials like this beautifully show the passage of time, creating a genuine character that comes from being well-used and well-loved.

A Suggested Ritual with the Floating Thermometer

Bring along the Floating Thermometer to your next soak. It could be any soak—a bath in your Wood Burning Hot Tub or even your next dip in an ocean or a lake. 

Notice the temperature on the thermometer, and then notice how that same temperature feels on your skin. Observe any subtle shifts in temperature. Maybe the same temperature feels different on your fingers than on your shoulders. Feel the warmth, feel the cold. Notice how when you tune into your environment, you also tune into yourself.

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