bathing ritual for autumn equinox

A Bathing Ritual for Autumn Equinox

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Article by Katrina Marie.

The annoying thing about life is that most things take much longer than you expect. And you'll run out of push if you don't take a pause. Resting is not a reward you get for getting it all done. It is the pause we need to keep going.

Listen, if relaxing was easy, we'd all be doing much more of it! It's counterintuitive to relax when there is so much to do; I get it. The truth is that you need to take breaks to keep going sustainably. It takes discipline to give yourself the gift of pause.

Katrina Marie holding the GOODLAND Hand Shower in a creek.


The beautiful thing about the Autumnal Equinox is the balance of light. The sun shines directly on the equator, and the northern and southern hemispheres get the same amount of rays. This only happens twice a year! Which is as often as one can expect to feel perfectly balanced anyways. 

Balance isn’t a realistic standard to hold yourself to, but instead a rare occasion to be enjoyed. Mimic nature and mark the moment with a bath ritual. May you sense those rare moments of balance when they are here, and may you relish in them.

Take what resonates with you from the ritual below and leave the rest. And if stillness feels tricky to do after all the go go go energy, don’t make yourself wrong for it. Feel those feels and trust the process. This ritual was designed to keep you in it.

  1. Throw a few rosemary sprigs from the garden or the grocery store into the water as it's running. This plant not only smells great, but it has also been shown to improve focus (which relaxation requires ;)). It is also incredibly easy to remove from your tub. If rosemary isn’t your thing, try adding cinnamon sticks, or fresh ginger slices.
  1. This playlist. It will take you on a bit of a trip. Push play when you start filling the tub and enjoy the ride (make sure your shuffle setting is turned off for best results).
  1. Epsom salts and  baking soda to alkalize the water and soften the skin. It's not an exact science — you can do a little or a lot. I like the ratio of 4 parts epsom salt to 1 part baking soda.  You can throw these in along with the rosemary while the tub fills.
  1. Oil of any kind that your skin likes (coconut, almond, or jojoba are my favourites). Stand up mid-bath and rub oil into your wet skin. Do some massage and stretching. Take some deep breaths.
  1. A bowl of ice cubes (if you want to get fancy with it, make them out of green or rosehip tea). Use these on your face, neck, chest, hands, or anywhere you want a little temperature contrast. 

Enjoy the pause.

Katrina Marie using a brass hand shower

Katrina Marie is an international sex coach, group facilitator, and pleasure activist. Her work focuses on healing through nervous system regulation, sexual self-expression, storytelling, and deep connection with nature. 
Photo credit: Roxanne Duke

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