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7 summer experiences to fully immerse yourself in the season

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The sun high in the sky, plants green and blossoming, days that are luxuriously long—the world around us feels especially vibrant and full of possibility in the summertime. 

And when the weather is warm, it can also be a cue from nature to take things slow. Even in the summer we often move at a fast pace, with our calendars filled with to-dos and activities. But leaning into the leisurely energy of the summer can help you feel like you’ve savoured the experience and truly enjoyed the season.

We created a short guide with a few of our favourite ways to immerse ourselves in the beauty and energy of the summertime. We encourage you to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, to allow yourself to slow things down, and to sink into the experience.

summer experiences - floating in the ocean

Walk barefoot outdoors

Shed unneeded layers. Take your shoes or sandals off in your backyard or on the beach, and feel the sensation of the earth underneath your feet. Maybe that’s the cool, fresh sensation of dewy grass first thing in the morning, or the warmth of the soft sand.

Plunge into cold water

After warming up in the sun, few things are more satisfying than the feeling of plunging into a cold body of water. Find a local lake and slowly step into the cooling waters, lie on a sun-drenched rock seaside before diving into the ocean, or track down your local swimming hole and spend an afternoon lazily by its side. We also love using our GOODLAND Wood Burning Hot Tub as a cold plunge in the summer months!

Invoke a sense of play

Summer is a time to let go, relax, and invite a sense of childlike joy into your everyday. Find little opportunities for fun and spontaneity, no matter how small. Sing with your friends in the car on a road trip, race someone to the end of a pathway, roll down a grassy hill. Think of things you loved doing as a kid, and how you can bring them into your life now. 

Inhale the summer air

Smell can be a powerful way to amplify a moment and appreciate where you are. And, summer has such distinctive smells associated with it—notice the smell of salty ocean air, sweet jasmine blooming, or a perfectly ripe peach.

summer experience - quote "try and see how doing nothing feels"

Do absolutely nothing

We’re so often tempted by warm weather to do nothing. But, how much do we really give into that temptation? Try and see how doing nothing feels. If doing nothing feels too hard, try simply doing less than usual, like sitting by the water with a book, going for a walk in the neighbourhood, or having a relaxed meal with a friend. Or, try genuinely doing nothing—simply sit outside, and allow the experience of the world around you and the present moment to come to the forefront. 

Host an evening outdoors

Take the time to gather with your friends and family for an evening together. Serve a meal filled with summer produce as dusk becomes night. Linger a little longer than a regular dinner party, and find a moment to gaze up at the sky brimming with stars above.

Add colour

Nature is brighter in the summertime, with vibrantly green leaves, fresh flowers, and blue skies. Take a cue from the natural world and add a bit of colour into your everyday life. Dress yourself in the morning in a colour that you’re drawn to or wouldn’t usually wear. Or, add a bit of brightness around your home with fresh flowers or by noticing the colours in your garden outdoors.

How are you soaking in the warm, bright summer energy this season? 

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