Cedar Steps

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Made In Canada

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Crafted from raw cedar, and designed to help you step in and out of your wood fired hot tub with ease.

Crafted from raw cedar, the Cedar Steps allow you to enter and exit your hot tub with ease. 

The Cedar Steps are also a welcome spot to sit outside of the tub to cool off mid-soak, or as a resting place for your snacks or towel. If you’ll be soaking as a family, cedar hot tub steps are especially helpful for the little ones to get in and out more easily.

  • 33" W x 18"D x 19"H
  • made in Canada

Ready to ship

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Step in and out of your soak with greater ease. Crafted from raw western red cedar, the steps flow effortlessly with the design of the hot tub. As they become well-used and well-loved, watch as the cedar forms a beautiful silver patina that shows the passage of time.