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The Hands of Time

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There is beauty that only comes with time.

Anytime we buy something, we know that it will—like all things—eventually degrade. Through wear and tear, things can get worn down, fall apart, or stop working properly. So, we do our best to try to extend their life by investing in objects made to last, and taking good care of them. 

But, sometimes well-made things can actually get better over time. Even when they show signs of aging, they can be transformed into pieces that are filled with character. There’s an inherent beauty in how an object can evolve as it’s used and loved, developing a one-of-a kind and unique feel. 

Like people, objects don’t need to remain the same. Ultimately, they can’t remain the same. So, what happens when we embrace this, instead of trying to freeze each object in a moment in time?

Photo Credit: Hideaway Creative


Consider the objects in your life that have become more beautiful with age. 

Perhaps it’s a well-worn pair of jeans, where the cotton has gotten perfectly soft and comfortable as they've been washed again and again, where the indigo is faded just right in the creases.

Maybe it’s a pan in your kitchen, well-worn and perfectly seasoned. A ceramic mug that has a small chip that reminds you that it’s yours alone. A linen blanket that’s gotten softer over time. A used book with gently creased pages, reminding you of all the hands that turned them before. What do you have in your life that you enjoy more now that it's not brand new?


Photo Credit: Britney Gill



When we create objects at GOODLAND, we choose quality, enduring materials—often opting to leave them in their natural, untreated state. We find that this best showcases the innate qualities and beauty of the material itself, rather than hiding them—whether that’s the warmth of solid raw brass, the clean look of marine grade aluminum, or the texture and complexity of cedar. This is part of designing for longevity, and creating objects that can be used for a lifetime. 

As these materials interact with the natural elements and with time, they undergo subtle and beautiful changes—developing an artful character. The shifts that come with time can be something additional to be appreciated, visibly demonstrating how an object is well-used and well-loved.  

Left Photo Credit: Britney Gill, Right Photo Credit: Taylor Anne Castro



The raw metals that we use at GOODLAND often form a beautiful patina as they age, gracefully showing the hands of time. When we do use a finish, we use one that still feels natural—retaining and reminding us of the original qualities of the material. 

Take our Hand Shower in Raw Brass. As you make good use of it—dipping the Hand Shower into the water again and again, feeling the soothing stream fall onto you—you’ll slowly begin to notice that the brass will develop it’s own character. Something that cannot be bought, and must be earned through care and use.

The same goes for the Hand Shower in our Burnt Umber finish. A dark, matte finish on aluminum, we love the Burnt Umber because it still feels natural. It’s a nostalgic, soothing shade, reminiscent of a slow burning flame. And, similarly, it’ll evolve naturally over time, eventually lightening in colour.


Photo Credit: Hideaway Creative



Just as metals can develop their own unique patina, the raw western red cedar that we used in our Wood Burning Hot Tub does the same. 

We love cedar—and the western red cedar that we use is not only extremely weather resistant, but also has a beautiful grain and texture. Naturally aromatic, it’s the perfect fit for our Wood Burning Hot Tub and our Cedar Bath Tray. As the water heats, the rising steam helps release the fresh, citrusy scent of cedar—evoking the feeling of being in the midst of a cedar grove.

As it ages and interacts with the elements, western red cedar forms a beautiful silver patina. We love watching cedar evolve over time, with each stage a work of natural art.


Explore more about our design philosophy at GOODLAND, such as a behind the scenes look at designing our Wood Burning Hot Tub, or insights into the design inspiration of our Hand Shower from Thom Fougere.

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