Cold Tub

Made In Canada

Pre-sale coming soon

Anticipation is building for the launch of the Cold Tub: a new tool for connecting with nature and with yourself.

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  • • Highest quality construction
  • • Modern, considered design
  • • Chills and warms water
  • • Spacious size

Discover a restorative moment of pause. Created by our in-house design studio, our Cold Tub is crafted in Canada with enduring materials like western red cedar and marine grade aluminum. Made with deep attention to detail for a design-forward cold water experience, a fully concealed chiller keeps the water at your preferred temperature and a cedar platform allows you to lower yourself in with ease.

Immersing yourself in cold water inevitably brings you into the present moment. By focusing on the natural elements that surround you—the breeze in the air, the citrusy scent of the cedar, the buoyancy of the water—you’re able to sink deeper into an experience of pause. A meaningful addition to your daily ritual, the Cold Tub is intended as both a standalone experience or as a complement to your hot-cold thermal cycle.

Origin: Made in Canada
Outside Dimensions: 
72"L  x 29.5"W  x 32"D
Inside Dimensions: 52"L x 27.25"W x 24.5"D
Materials: Marine grade aluminum and western red cedar
Capacity: Single person (tested up to 6'4", 260 lbs)
Weight (empty): 125 lbs aluminum shell only; 275 lbs with cedar slats
Weight (filled): 1390 lbs 
Water Capacity: 125 gallons (475 L)
Chiller Temp Range: 3°-37°C  / 37°-98°F
Fill Time: ~20 min.
Drain Time: ~10 min.
Insulation: 3-layer sidewall
Standard electrical required (110V 50-60Hz)

Our Cold Tub includes everything you need to get started right away. You’ll receive a streamlined package including:

  • Marine grade aluminum cold tub wrapped in reflective insulation
  • Western red cedar slats preinstalled on tub exterior
  • Fully concealed low-noise chiller unit
  • Built-in advanced sediment filter (20 micron)
  • Built-in ozone natural water sanitizer
  • Drainage kit
  • Cedar seat base
  • Cedar platform
  • Focus clip
  • Insulated weatherproof cover
  • Welcome kit with guide and hardware 

*The Cold Tub is currently in-production, and this list may be subject to changes.


Functionality combined with considered design. The Cold Tub was created by our in-house studio of designers with both deep attention to detail and a minimal aesthetic for an elevated cold soak experience. A concealed yet accessible chiller and control panel allows for only the natural beauty of the western red cedar and raw aluminum to be on display.

cold tub design


Experience full body immersion. A generous size allows for a cold water experience that isn’t cramped or awkward.

cold plunge tub with chiller

Fully Concealed Chiller

Our custom-made water chiller is built for more efficient and effective chilling, and is entirely hidden within the Cold Tub.


A two-step ozone and sediment filter system keeps the water clean and clear, without requiring chemicals.


Built to last out of exceptionally durable and 100% recyclable materials like hand-sanded western red cedar and marine grade aluminum, the Cold Tub won’t leak, crack, or tear.


Set up your Cold Tub in just a few easy steps, with no tools required. Maintenance is simple with quick drainage, easy cleaning, and simplified filter changing.

Dual temperature cold tub


Choose the experience that’s right for you. Select a temperature through the concealed control panel, whether that’s a chilly plunge, a cool bath, or a warm restorative soak.


Immersing yourself in cold water brings you into the present moment—creating a meaningful experience of pause.

While the Cold Tub is an impactful experience on its own, consider pairing it with a wood burning hot tub or sauna for a soothing and immersive hot-cold ritual. Alternating between periods of heat, cold, and rest—often known as the Nordic Cycle—can be a renewing and rejuvenating experience. 

As you cycle through, tune into the feeling of the changing sensations—from the cool water on your skin to the steam in the air. Notice how paying attention to these natural elements grounds you in nature, helping you to more deeply connect with the world around you.

cold water



Crafted with pride in Canada, our tubs are built with a combination of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art equipment.

Designing and building close to home in Canada helps us maintain an ultra-high level of quality, avoid supply chain interruptions, and add value to our local economy.

Our Cold Tub and Wood Burning Hot Tub are intended to be enjoyed throughout the seasons, whether at your getaway home in the middle of nature or as a restorative backyard break in the city. We’re designers and builders who strongly believe that considered design helps create moments of connection and pause, encouraging a slower, more considered life.

Frequently Asked Questions

No complex setup is required for the Cold Tub—all you need is access to water through a hose and a standard 110V power outlet.

The Cold Tub uses a 20 micron sediment filter that should be replaced on average every one to three months, depending on how often you use your tub. The Cold Tub also features a built-in ozone disinfection system to help clean the water. 

Untreated water (no chemicals) will last for 1-2 weeks, depending on use. Refresh and recycle your water after this time. Used tub water is considered ‘grey water’ and may be recycled depending on your location and applicable bylaws.

The length of time is also dependent on local water conditions and if people using the tub have showered first.


cold tub registration