A Letter From Craig: SS23 Routes to Pause

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For our Spring/Summer 23 collection, we decided to explore the theme of Routes/Roots. With the arrival of spring, we were drawn to the routes and pathways that nature takes to find renewal and replenishment—whether that’s growing towards the light, rooting down into the soil, or one of the many other paths that plants take to find their way

Developing this theme has been a creative exercise for our team, but it’s also been a way for us to draw inspiration from nature and bring it directly into the work that we do. As we’ve worked on our SS23 collection, the theme of routes to pause has been a North Star to guide us and bring us back to what’s important: designing meaningful and lasting objects that replenish ourselves and the world around us.

routes to pause - artwork by GOODLAND


Our theme of rooting and replenishing ties into our new core product—the Everlasting Garden Hose, which we designed to be the last garden hose you’ll ever need.

It started when our team was working on another project—the Tub Filler (still in-progress)—and Ryan, one of our Senior Designers, pointed out that the bathing experience doesn’t start when you step into the hot water, or even when you light the fire. Instead, it starts when you turn on the water to fill the hot tub—and so we turned our focus on making even that the best possible user experience.

routes to pause inspiration - by GOODLAND

In our initial research phase of the design process of other garden hoses on offer, we realized that most hoses aren’t actually designed to last or look good. In fact most garden hoses are produced by rubber companies that actually benefit from us having to replace hoses every year. Many of us have experienced the frustrations of a hose cracking, the connection leaking or the inevitable kinking within just a year or two of buying it—a purchasing cycle that’s definitely not sustainable.  

We realized there was an opportunity here to enhance the bathing experience by offering something truly well-designed. After spending months on research and development, we’re pretty excited to finally share with you our Everlasting Garden Hose. Truly combining form and function, we trust that it’s the last garden hose you’ll ever buy. 

Everlasting tan garden hose

For SS23, we also created our first apparel collection: Path to Pause. We found a partner that we loved in Portugal, and created three pieces: the Path to Pause Tee, Sweatshorts, and Crew. Each is made from 100% organic cotton to be kinder to the planet, and is printed with hand-drawn designs and photography inspired by our SS23 theme of roots to pause.

We hope you love our latest collection.

- Craig

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