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What transforms a good soak into a great soak? When you’re intentional about each element of your bathing experience, it can become something genuinely transformative, restful, and restorative. Whether that’s taking a few deep breaths before you step your toes into the water, putting on your favourite music, or, perhaps, relaxing post-soak with a comfortable, quality towel.

We’ve been wanting to create a GOODLAND bath towel for a while now. One that felt like our own, with deep attention to detail, quality, and design. Something to warm us up after a cold ocean dip, a cozy evening in our Wood Burning Hot Tub, or to sprawl across under the sun.

bath towels made in the usa


GOODLAND started on the tiny Bowen Island off the coast of British Columbia. Here, you can find winding roads and coastal homes, and tall trees and prehistoric ferns all around you. We took inspiration from this landscape for our Fern Bath Towel in Sand Dune, which features an abstract outline of a fern in muted tones, reminiscent of peaceful stones and sandy shores.

printed towels in 100 cotton hanging off tree branch


With our Bathing Enthusiast Bath Towel, we wanted to get down to the essence of GOODLAND. Here, we are all bathing enthusiasts at heart, and believe in the restorative and transformative power of a really, really good soak. The Bathing Enthusiast Bath Towel in Forest has a contrasting palette, reminding us of rays of light shining through the trees.

usa made bath towel in Bathing Enthusiast print


Making a towel isn’t as simple as it sounds, though. Our small team spent hours and hours researching and learning as much about cotton towels as we could, and we’re excited to announce the official launch of our GOODLAND Bath Towels in these two limited-edition prints.

We plan on releasing more towels down the line, in unique colourways, and in collaboration with artists and designers. Be on the lookout for more seasonal designs in the future.

Each bath towel is jacquard-woven out of 100% cotton. At 610 GSM, they strike the perfect balance between lightweight and plush. We made them at 30” x 60”—a generous size for comfortably drying off. Our towels are soft, absorbent, and designed to last for countless soaks and swims.

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