Buy GOODLAND Wood Burning Hot Tub at AAVVGG Toronto Canada

Find GOODLAND at Toronto’s AAVVGG

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A veritable haven for modern design in Canada, AAVVGG is a shop tucked away on Toronto’s Richmond Street. Founded by Chris Hanz, it was envisioned to be a space showcasing brands that fit both form and function — beautifully-designed objects that can be used everyday.

We’re excited to announce AAVVGG as a retail stockist for GOODLAND. We want to be really selective about where we sell our Wood Burning Hot Tub, and the AAVVGG team has a similar focus as we do at GOODLAND on essentialism that holds quality above quantity. We believe that durable, well-designed items stand the test of time — allowing for us to have more mindful relationships with the objects that surround us and to help curb overconsumption.
GOODLAND's Wood Burning Hot Tub for sale at AAVVGG in Toronto
The raw interior space has an abundance of natural light, allowing each item offered by AAVVGG to truly stand out. With two levels — a main floor with larger-scale furniture items and an upper floor with smaller items for the bath, the space appears as more of a gallery to wander through than a typical shop. The space also features a curated book area, offering a selection of items you wouldn’t typically see at your local bookshop.
"We are pleased to be working with a company that is creating objects with such specific vision and purpose. Goodland shares our goal of offering our clients multi-generational, timeless objects. " — Chris Hanz 
GOODLAND's Wood Burning Hot Tub at AAVVGG in Toronto
If you’re local to Toronto, you can visit AAVVGG and see our GOODLAND Wood Burning Hot Tub in person. You’ll be able to notice the texture of the western red cedar, feel the weight of the wooden paddle in your hands, and better envision yourself soaking in the steaming water.

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