A GOODLAND Guide to Mother's Day

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A graphic for GOODLAND's Mother's Day Gift and Experiences Guide

The best gifts we can give often aren’t the gifts themselves. It’s more about the intention behind the gift and what the gift can bring — whether that’s a sense of indulgence, a moment to truly relax, or a dose of inspiration.

This Mother’s Day, we’re placing the focus on experience-based giving. Whether it’s a mindful activity or an object that encourages a sense of pause, the GOODLAND team has compiled a few of our top picks for gifting and experiencing.

mothers day gifts: Wonder Valley's Hinoki Bath Set and Sefari's Bathe in Nature download 

An amplified ritual with Wonder Valley

Each luxurious item from Wonder Valley features powerful and versatile extra virgin Californian olive oil, and are a beautiful addition to any ritual. Their hinoki bath set includes hinoki bath tea, hinoki soap, a wooden soap rest and a washcloth — everything needed for a restorative soak. Other selects are their cheerful sunray robe or their hinoki body oil.

An immersive bathing meditation from Sefari

A next-level bathing experience, all from home. In this digital download from Sefari, be guided through a meditation journey designed to soothe and connect with nature. Led by Jobi Manson, the sounds were created in collaboration with artist Justin Boreta and acoustically mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer Johannes Raassina. Get 15% off with code BEGOODTOMOM until May 8. 

mother's day gifts: Wabi Sabi Welcome book, Sangre de Fruta, and the GOODLAND Hand Shower 

A dose of slow living with Wabi Sabi Welcome

The beautiful coffee table book Wabi Sabi Welcome from writer and photographer Julie Pointer Adams gives a look into thoughtful and inspiring homes around the world, with the ethos of finding beauty in imperfection as a common thread. An object for inspiration and deep appreciation. 

Botanical skin care from Sangre de Fruta

Created on Bowen Island, BC (also the home of GOODLAND), Sangre de Fruta offers luxe botanical skincare and body products. Treat mom to therapeutic bath salts with sandalwood and rose, a flower nectar face oil, or botanical body cream — allowing them to become part of her everyday ritual.

Tune in with the Brass Hand Shower

A mindful object to elevate any bathing experience, whether that’s a soak in nature in a wood-burning hot tub or a restorative bath at home. With GOODLAND’s Brass Hand Shower, allow the sensation of a slow stream of water to immerse you in the present moment and gently wash away the troubles of the day. 

mother's day gifts: Wooden Spoon Herbs, Kitoki Inn, and Othership 

Go plant-powered with Wooden Spoon Herbs

Gift nourishment and a way to deepen connection to nature with Wooden Spoon Herbs. Gift their Herbal Coffee for a microbiome-friendly start to do the day, or we love their soothing Earth Ship Tea that features adaptogenic holy basil, spearmint, and more.

A Japanese-inspired forest escape at Kitoki Inn

Give mom the gift of peace with a mindful getaway to the truly special getaway that is Kitoki Inn. Nestled in BC’s Bowen Island, the forested cabins and Japanese bathhouse are a memorable escape and beautiful experience to find a veritable sense of calm and connection.

Breathe it out with Othership

Transformative, music-driven breathwork sessions from Othership. With in-app virtual practices to de-stress and help foster deep sleep, breathwork journeys for emotional regulation, and much more, gift a subscription for restoration and renewal.

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